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The Mystery Of Mrs Christie book pdf download for free or read online, also The Mystery Of Mrs Christie pdf was written by Marie Benedict.

BookThe Mystery Of Mrs Christie
AuthorMarie Benedict
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The Mystery Of Mrs Christie Book PDF download for free

The Mystery Of Mrs Christie Book PDF download for free

In December 1926, Agatha Christie disappeared. Investigators find her empty car at the edge of a deep, murky pond, the only clues being nearby tire tracks and a fur coat left in the car, odd for a cold night. Her husband and daughter, World War I veterans, are unaware of her whereabouts, and England unleashes an unprecedented manhunt for the aspiring mystery writer.

She reappears eleven days later, as mysterious as her disappearance, claiming amnesia and offering no explanation for her absence.

The mystery of these eleven lost days has remained. Acclaimed author Marie Benedict transports us into the world of Agatha Christie in her signature exploration of historical fiction in the shadows of the past, imagining why such a brilliant woman is at the center of such dark historical mysteries.

What is real and what is mysterious? What role did her unfaithful husband play in her and what is she hiding from the investigators?

Agatha Christie’s novels have stood the test of time, thanks in no small part to Christie’s masterful storytelling and cunning mind that may never be equaled, but Agatha Christie’s Untold Story offers perhaps her greatest mystery of all.

The Mystery Of Mrs Christie Book Pdf Download

I was so excited to read this book because I love books about famous authors. That wasn’t in the book, but I’m including it because it was a fact I didn’t know until recently; Agatha Christie has sold more books than any other author. Return to this book. Agatha Christie and Archie Christie share the same initials and are called A.C. It is based on the 11-day disappearance of Agatha Christie in December 1926. Agatha is grieving the death of her mother when her husband Archie tells her that he wants a divorce from her.

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When I started I thought this would be a five star read. I was immediately drawn to it and the writing style is captivating. What was disappointing was that most of the book is about Archie’s mistress, the fictional Nan O’Dea. I understood why at the end of the book the author decided to do what she did. To be honest, she expected it to be more about Christie’s and less about the background of her mistress. It was disappointing because he didn’t seem really interested in the mistress story.

It’s entertaining when Agatha gets involved in the various scenes and that was at the beginning and towards the end of the segment. To be fair to Nina de Gramont, I can’t blame her for choosing to have more nan than Agatha. It is a great book and I am very grateful to have read it. It’s my fault for expecting something and assuming it was more geared towards Agatha. In any case, I can say that Agatha was more successful based on the sales of her book being the best seller.

Maybe I have problems with cheating or a woman who steals someone else’s husband. But, most likely, if there is a mistress, it is not entirely her fault. The husband should be more responsible for lying and hiding because we all know that everyone has the same story to excuse what they do when they do it. So it definitely wasn’t just Nan’s fault that he was less engaged. I just didn’t find her life that interesting of hers. But overall it was a great reading experience considering the whole book as a whole rather than what I was expecting. I usually enjoy a book the less I know about it. Therefore, I take full responsibility for my rating.

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I would have liked it more if the Mistress’s backstory was more interesting, but it wasn’t for me. I realize this is historical fiction, but I like to learn things by reading it. Agatha seemed like such a nice person and it is so unfortunate that this has been done to her and I mean a husband who loves to cheat on you while living together thinking they are in a happy marriage. In this tale, Agatha is only thirty-six, and I guess if the husband you love is cheating on you, he’s better off being young and still beautiful. In this story, she is ten years older than Nan.

This is not spoiler territory for revealing that Nan was present when Agatha announces Archie in her room with Nan and informs him that a lunch with her new literary agent is planned. Archie tells Agatha that he can’t make it because she has too much work to do. Agatha is the nice person that she is and she politely invites Nan to come as well. Agatha says that she’s going to have a girls’ lunch. And here we go.

This was a very clever effort and if it hadn’t been, I wouldn’t have been so excited to read it. The last part of the book made me understand why it was formatted and laid out that way. I really enjoyed it and recommend it to mystery lovers. There is a murder and Agatha is not so well known at the time. It seemed that everyone in England was looking for her. It was well written and I would be interested in reading anything this author decides to write next.

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