Download The Ones Left Behind [PDF] By Blue Saffire

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The Ones Left Behind book pdf download for free or read online, also The Ones Left Behind pdf was written by Blue Saffire.

Blue Saffire is a woman on the mission to share her words and thoughts with the world. He has found his passion in his pen and fills the pages with his humour, honesty, love and voice. Blue represents the secret author that some of us are too afraid to release.

BookThe Ones Left Behind
AuthorBlue Saffire
Size563 KB

The Ones Left Behind Book PDF download for free

The Ones Left Behind Book PDF download for free

This is Book 3 in the Work Husband series of the award-winning bestseller Blue Saffire. This is the first part of two and ends on a cliffhanger.
This book has strong language and sexual content. This book is intended for adult readers over the age of 18

The Ones Left Behind Book Pdf Download

I’ve read since I was young and I read LOTS of books. This author has been using up my TBR since I discovered her a little over a year ago and I’m struggling to read everything she has written. I am NEVER disappointed. And this time I was not disappointed! I was looking forward to this book and preparing to obsess, but there isn’t much foreplay I could have done to prepare for this book!

The amount of planning and preparation that goes into this story is outstanding! Gio is my man, I’ve been claiming him since the first book in the series, but let me tell you, THIS man will warm you up during a blackout in the middle of winter! Each character plays their part SO well and Gino’s writing, story, character development, gripping scenes and mannerisms will leave you in a puddle!

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He is the ALPHA of all Alphas! I would! And for those who are upset that it remains on a cliffhanger, all I can say is that you obviously haven’t read the other books in this series, because if you know, you know! Gio, Ny and Jace could NEVER shine in a book!

It’s amazing to see the chemistry between Gio, Nyla and Jace developing. I can’t even imagine how much love and trust it takes to love someone enough to be willing to share the love of their life with another man. Unfortunately, wasted time and a kiss of understanding will waste a lot more time. I know Gio made it very much like it’s really hula in that car instead of just the essentials, but the hurt feeling and emotions make us act without thinking.

Also, I can’t wait to see what happens to Lizzy and Dante and when the twins come to their senses. I really think people really sleep with Jace, they only see him when it’s too late, but like he said, hula, you can’t be around Gio and you can’t be as calculating as he is. The dollhouse isn’t until 4am so Gio wants 12 so I’m asking Blue not to make part 2 the last in this series. I think this could be as good as Blacks or any of your other shows and I always say your last show.

He’s the best, but they’re all phenomenal. Do yourself a favor and get this series from any of Blue’s books, you’ll regret it I promise. Thank you again Blue for always giving your fans what we need when we need it. Eagerly waiting for the next book.

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