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The Rain King book pdf download for free or read online, also The Rain King pdf was written by Selena.

BookThe Rain King
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The Rain King Book PDF download for free

The Rain King Book PDF download for free

They say that ravens are a bad omen, but until I met them, a single raven was my only friend.

Then the boys from next door come to welcome me to the neighborhood.

Maddox, the mysterious six-foot-tall tattooed muscle wall who looks at me like I’m the enemy but protects me like I’m a treasure.

Lennox, the impossibly beautiful flirt who enchants me with his murderous smile and melts me with his soft kisses…while he hides a dark secret.

They are twin brothers, each one more dangerous than the other, each one more irresistible. Loyal only to their crew, Murder of Crows, they refuse to let a stranger like me get too close.

I should have seen the omen and run away, but by the time I realize that, it’s already too late. My heart belongs to both men, but only one can have me. Suddenly I am caught between them in a fight that can only end in tragedy.

But who among us will be the victim of this war?

The Rain King is a dark romance intended for readers 18+ who NO TRIGGERS. It is a completely independent book. Book 2 is about a new couple.

The Rain King Book Pdf Download

Two brothers and a girl whose interest is part love, part obsession, part prize to be won. I can say that every time I write a review of Selena. She is NOT a writer for everyone because she takes things to such an extent that you really wonder how to enjoy this. I keep giving 5 stars because she keeps making me respond, whether it’s awkward or not. Plus, she has a writing style that will engulf you no matter how dark things get. And make no mistake, they get dark, twisted, disturbed and crazy.

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I still read them. I’m not sure if it’s just curiosity as it’s darker than most and I always wonder where she’s going with the stories and characters that aren’t all good or all bad. With actions that are not always bad, but that mostly end in a despicable way. It’s confusing how to animate those characters.

I mean, part of me wanted Rae to do the right thing and stay away from Lennox and Maddox because her family/twin bond isn’t worth destroying. Part of me was Team Maddox, although I wanted Lennox to have his own version of happy.

And we’re back at Faulkner! This time we went back in time and it’s the 90’s. I loved the songs under the title of each chapter, it brought back memories!

Rae moves into a new house with her mother and her stepfather, who is a police officer. Her house is the only one on the street that has a pool. She asks the North Brothers who live next door to come and help clean it up so they can use it. Everything sounds very light and nothing dark, right? Well that’s just the beginning and it’s getting dark.

The North twins are in a gang and Rae’s stepdad may be a cop, but he’s not very good. He’s also not a very nice person to Rae and her mom and there’s a lot of abuse. This is definitely one of Selena’s darkest books, so check the warnings if you have any triggers.

Lennox and Maddox are the North Twins and end up in a love triangle with Rae. To be honest, I thought the whole time I found out who she was going to be with, and then I was wrong. This book literally kept me guessing until the very end. She ends up having a brother and the one she doesn’t choose gets a book of her own next. Oh Selena, that epilogue!!!!! Eeeekkkkk. I can’t wait for the next book!

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This book was an absolute page turner! I loved the chemistry between Rae and the twins! Even I couldn’t decide which one I loved more, so I was really excited to see which twin Rae would choose. The character development throughout the book is fantastic! I loved reading this terrifyingly dark and surprising book! Waiting for the next book to come out!! Selena, as always, you did a great job writing this book.

This is a very intense dark eerily of a triangle with two twins fighting over Rae as she moves past them. This is so intense you think you’ve figured it out, but when you get to the next page it’s not what you’re assuming, that’s him, it’s not a story for the faint of heart, that has triggers, and you read the warnings before you read. this book

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