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Broken Biker book pdf download for free or read online, also Broken Biker pdf was written by Hope Ford.

USA Today bestselling author Hope Ford loves writing about the curvy women finding love with attractive alpha males. Her stories are short, sweet and steamy.

BookBroken Biker
AuthorHope Ford
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Broken Biker Book PDF download for free

Broken Biker Book PDF download for free

He says it’s broken, but I know I’m the missing piece.

My marriage is a farce. I know, everyone knows. But when my husband, the congressman, is found murdered, I am the first accused.

Now I’m on the run with only my designer bag and heels to my name. I just want to clear my name. I have no one to turn to for help, but help appears in the form of a sexy, tattooed biker who claims to hate women.

I don’t expect him to believe I’m innocent. I don’t expect him to protect me at all the costs. I definitely don’t expect to fall in the love.

He says it’s broken, but I know I’m the missing piece.

The Whiskey Run: Guardians MC is a standalone “mc Lite” series. Each story features a powerless alpha biker who will stop at nothing to protect and reclaim the woman he loves.

Broken Biker Book Pdf Download

New from Hope Ford, Broken Biker is the story of biker Kane and Allison on the run from a murder charge. It is part of the Guardians MC that takes place in the world of Whiskey Run. In a panicked escape, Allison ends up at Whiskey Run and heads to Red’s Diner. She meets the super-caring Violet, who in turn turns to Kane for protective help for Allison.

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Hope is always making up stories with couples she can relate to, we have backstories on them… aaaaannnnddd, of course intimacy and sex is hot! Broken Biker is a very entertaining escape from reality for about an hour of reading.

Hope Ford’s romances are always sweet and hot, with great characters, interesting stories, and wonderful endings. “Broken Biker” is a fantastic addition to her lineup. Kane and Allison are a great couple. She is on the run from the killer of her abusive husband. She is a heartbroken biker who has never loved another woman in his life. Together they offer a different life and a new love. The end of her story was especially sweet. I loved where these two ended up and couldn’t have asked for a better ending.

Allison is found in Whiskey Run and luckily she did because the people of this town take care of each other. Kane doesn’t just want to take care of her, he wants to keep her and protect her. The question is her, will she want to stay once she’s safe again, or will she go back to her old life and leave Kane behind? This is the concern for our broken biker, will she open her heart again to harm?

Allison’s husband, a corrupt congressman, was murdered, leaving her a suspect. She runs because she feels someone is following her and uses the money she had to get out of town. $100 in her pocket got her some 200 miles away…so she ended up in Whiskey Run, TN.

After befriending a woman in town, she is introduced to Kane, president of the Guardians of Whiskey Run… Allison wasn’t unhappy about being a widow now, but she finds herself attracted to Kane, which is too soon.. . but nobody. she can deny the chemistry…but the ex-soldier will be able to protect her??? I received this book for free through Booksprout and am willingly leaving a review.

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This is part of the Whiskey Run Guardians series, each book can be read individually, with its own hot guy and the women who take their heart on a journey around the world without letting it go ?. Allison has a busy life, especially when she comes home to find her husband, the congressman, dead and makes the executive decision not to stay, the next thing she needs to do is take the money she’s carrying and buy a ticket that will take her the furthest. possible, that’s Whiskey Run.

When she arrives, she goes to the restaurant and runs into Violet, who listens to her story because she needs to blow off some steam, so to speak, and Violet, a friend of hers, now offers to help her with the Guardians. MC Kane, sexy as hell, the president of the Guardian MC offers to help keep her safe at the facility where all the MC members are there to help.

The attraction is instant from the moment they are crazy, he will protect her, but he wants to keep her, he does not want her to return, he will protect her from the one who killed her husband, will she be guilty of her murder? find out who killed him, find out why they killed him, will she stay with the man who makes her heart beat faster and can they find happiness?

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