Download The Sinner [PDF] By Shantel Tessier

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The Sinner book pdf download for free or read online, also The Sinner pdf was written by Shantel Tessier.

BookThe Sinner
AuthorShantel Tessier
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The Sinner Book PDF download for free

The Sinner Book PDF download for free

A gritty new standalone romance from USA Today and bestselling Wall Street Journal author Shantel Tessier.


I grew up in a world where money and power are within reach. My father is a LORD, a highly respected member of a secret society that knows no borders. When tragedy struck my family, we realized that we were not untouchable. Just when I thought life couldn’t get any worse, I was shown what hell really is like. Then he came and saved me. The devil disguised as my personal hero. But of course nothing is free. Not with a soul at stake.

The Sinner Pdf Download


Easton Bradley Sinnett—Sin—uses his power for his own sick amusement. Like a typical lord, he never considered the consequences of his actions. I grew up with it, obsessed with it, longed for it. He was the one I envisioned as I envisioned myself doing things my body shouldn’t be doing.

One day I realized that he wasn’t who I thought he was. However, nothing changed as he was already too far away. If anything, I fell even more in love with him.

Every now and then someone comes into your life and turns it upside down. Sin has torn me in the worst way and I have thanked it by serving on my knees.

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As they say, nothing lasts forever. Men like him never stay with a woman like me. I am what they use, they don’t care. When he dropped me I shouldn’t have been so surprised.

My body had always yearned for the darker side of love. The kind that leaves bruises and scars. I was what most would call godless. And when the devil whispered in my ear that he loves me, I was more than determined to show him how devoted I could be.

I can’t really pinpoint what makes The Sinner my best book of the year other than that it has everything I love about it and society tells me it’s wrong. It’s the ideal obsession for me and my private life.
The Sinner is the best writing by this author and I have read them all. It far surpassed the obscure books I’ve read. The story is so intense and the characters so complex. But it’s not difficult to write. The writing is magical in its way of expressing these deep desires between Sin and Elli.

Sin grew up knowing about his future in society. Your future as Lord. His initiations are not difficult for him to accomplish. He suffers in his desire for Ellington. The two families are very close. Ellington has been in her life for a long time. Her sister Kira is her best friend. As they grow, there is an attraction, but no one acts accordingly. Only when Sin has a mission that puts him squarely in her way. When Ellington sees a masked man in her house, it not only scares her.

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He creates desire. Darkness. For a long time she doesn’t know who he is, but she knows what he likes. He keeps her happy. Little does she know it is Sin biding his time before he can get to her as himself. In Barrington’s final year, the Lords may have a chosen one. A young woman who serves them. Sin does not need a chosen one. He has a wife who already serves him. She just doesn’t know.

When Sin Elli reveals his intentions, she faces quite a ride. He will take her as he pleases. when he wants and Ellington is perfect. she must give To feel valued, she has to give a man everything. It’s a game made in secret society hell. The two have some issues, but have been together for a long time. Nothing will separate this duo. But they will try.

The Sinner an incredible experience to read so much detail about this couple’s darkest desires. I read that straight away and I’m now on my third round. I just can not get enough. I find love more and more every day.

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