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The Villa book pdf download for free or read online, also The Villa pdf was written by Rachel Hawkins.

BookThe Villa
AuthorRachel Hawkins
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The Villa Book PDF download for free

The Villa Book PDF download for free

As children, Emily and Chess were inseparable. But at 30, their bond was strained by the demands of their adult lives. When Chess proposes a girls’ trip to Italy, Emily takes the opportunity to reconnect with her best friend.

Villa Aestas in Orvieto is now a luxury holiday home, but in 1974 it was known as Villa Rosato and was rented for the summer by a famous rock star, Noel Gordon. To reignite his creative spark, Noel invites aspiring musician Pierce Sheldon to join him, as well as Pierce’s friend Mari and her stepsister Lara. But it also sets in motion a chain of events that leads Mari to write one of the greatest horror novels of all time, Lara, to write a platinum album, and culminates in the brutal murder of Pierce.

The Villa Pdf Download

As Emily delves into the mansion’s complicated history, she begins to think there is more to the story of that fateful summer of 1974. That Pierce’s murder might not just have been a sex, drug and rock ‘n’ roll story that turned out wrong, but that something more sinister could have happened and that there could be hidden clues in the now iconic works that Mari and Lara have left.

However, the closer Emily gets to the truth, the more tension she builds between her and Chess. As secrets from the past are unearthed, equally dangerous betrayals from the present emerge, and it looks like the village will claim another victim before summer is over.

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Inspired by Fleetwood Mac, the Manson murders and the infamous summer Percy and Mary Shelley spent with Lord Byron in a castle on Lake Geneva, Frankenstein’s birthplace, The Villa salutes his deadly legacy.

I absolutely blasted this book. Each chapter left you wanting more. I really loved the dual timelines between Mari in year 1974 and Emily in present. Both women have been through difficult times and wonder who to trust with their lives.

Emily just went through a rough time. She started getting sick, her husband left her and now her writing has stalled. On top of that, her husband tries to squeeze money out of her book profits and prolong the divorce proceedings. Chess, Emily’s childhood best friend, knows how difficult it is for her and invites Emily to live in a villa in Italy. The offer sounds too good to be true, but who could turn down a month-long trip to Italy? Emily later discovers the mansion is the scene of a gruesome 1974 murder.

When introduced to Mari, she is clearly questioning her life choices (leaving home with a married man at 16, bringing her stepsister, continuing to support that man), but draws on the fact that she absolutely loves him. One day her stepsister comes home to tell her that a famous rock star has invited her to Italy to spend the summer in a villa. Mari hesitates, but thinks this is the perfect opportunity for her boyfriend to buckle up and make it big.

As the story unfolds, Rachel Hawkins not only has the main characters but also the readers wondering who to trust. I felt connected to the main characters but also thought, “Really?! Why would you do that?” or “Why would you put up with that?” There were times when the main characters were downright annoying, but I couldn’t help but feel sorry for them and their situation. Hawkins does a great job developing his characters.

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He was mad at Noel and Pierce, but he could also see people falling for his charms. At first I felt sorry for Johnnie (as did Mari) but I started to dislike him when he couldn’t take no for an answer. Lara and Chess were very similar. I wanted to love them with their positive and cheerful attitude but I could never fully trust them because of their past actions and lies.

I also liked the setting and the little clues that connect the past to the present. It was wonderful to see Emily’s renewed interest in writing as she searched for similarities between Mari’s book and the village.

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