Download Threshold [PDF] By Nicoli Gonnella

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Threshold book pdf download for free or read online, also Threshold pdf was written by Nicoli Gonnella.

AuthorNicoli Gonnella
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Threshold Book PDF download for free

Threshold Book PDF download for free

A city saved. A territory to defend. The threshold calls.

The war for Haarwatch is won, giving Felix a little breathing space. He spends his time fighting with his people to rebuild the city, but trouble looms on the horizon. The Archon has not stood idly by as Felix consolidated his power and the ancient seals on his prison were broken.

Driven by a turf quest, Felix and his allies find themselves in the unenviable position of dividing their forces as the drums of war beat again. The Archon threatens everyone, but the Inquisition is unwilling to accept his failure in Haarwatch.

Threshold Pdf Download

Felix must return to the Mistlands, to the Temple of the Waterfall that he once claimed as a sanctuary. If he doesn’t and the Archon secures the hidden power behind the door of the Lidless Eye, there’s no telling what will happen. Divided but undaunted, they move with determination, steeling their will as events threaten to overtake them all.

The battle looms while peace trembles… and once again fate weighs on the scales of the devil.

Nicoli Gonnella spent her formative years on a mountain, breathing deeply the energy of the world and banishing impurities from his soul. Besides, he went to school and stuff. He has always written, but now he has given it all up to dedicate himself full time. Readers give him power, ghost bomb style, and there’s no telling how powerful he’ll become. This isn’t even the final form of him.

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