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Unfinished Ex book pdf download for free or read online, also Unfinished Ex pdf was written by Samantha Christy.

Samantha Christy enjoys life in the warm Florida sun with her husband and their four beautiful children.

In year 2014 she wrote her first book, a lifelong dream that somehow always took a back seat. Since then, she has led the surreal life of a freelance writer, writing new adult novels and contemporary romance of varying intensities. If you like clean romance, try Abstract Love, a life-affirming tale of two young adults confronting their mortality, a top finalist for the 2015 National Award for Excellence in Romance Fiction. If you like searing heat better, heartbreak, desire and second chances, choose the first of its sister series, Purple Orchids.

BookUnfinished Ex
AuthorSamantha Christy
Size1.7 MB

Unfinished Ex Book PDF download for free

Unfinished Ex Book PDF download for free

He was my sweetheart in high school.
The guy of my dreams. My soulmate.
And since yesterday… my ex-husband.

He wanted everything I couldn’t give him. A loving wife, a perfect family, a white picket fence and game nights.

It’s not like that I didn’t want to be his wife anymore. He just wanted something else: a career. When an opportunity presented itself two years ago, it was easier to make him hate me than to think it wasn’t enough.

Now, a day after our divorce is final, I find myself back in the town we grew up in, down the street from the house we once shared.

Seeing him again makes me doubt everything. my priorities. my reason to go my secrets
When we break down and have an explosive night of sex with the ex, everything changes.
Or has nothing.

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And I have to decide if history will repeat itself.

Unfinished Ex is a standalone novel.

Unfinished Ex Book Pdf Download

Samantha Christy delivers another emotional one-click tearjerker with Unfinished Ex. This second chance romance tugs at everyone’s heart and delivers a truly beautiful HEA. Admittedly I’m a fan of misconceptions being corrected and this one hit the spot on many levels.

I wasn’t prepared for the twists and turns Christy put into Jaxon and Nicky’s story. Readers think they have the inside edge of the breadcrumbs that fell on Improbable Date, but they never think they know the whole story until they read the last word on the last page. Chisty weaves so many elements of the love, longing and the life choices into the book. And as much as some characters begged me not to like it, I just couldn’t. Christy excels at bringing this unsavory character to your heart, building her backstory with brutal honesty, and creating an emotional investment in the reader’s mind.

I particularly appreciated that Christy didn’t sugarcoat or hide her character’s flaws, fears, or inner turmoil. It made what seemed weird and far-fetched more brutally honest and compelling. As usual, her characters are very well developed, with authentic and engaging dialogue, fun and passionate interactions, and honest and raw inner contemplation, ultimately leading to a beautiful HEA built on the foundation of destiny, true love, and acceptance.

This second chance surprise pregnancy novel has so many layers that it will leave the reader struggling with tears, laughter and maybe even righteous outrage. Although “Unfinished Ex” can be read on its own, reading “Probable Date” will definitely build a higher level of anticipation for Jaxon and Nicky’s HEA. Can’t wait to see what Christy has in store for the newest Calloway brother.

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Unfinished Ex is a fabulous second chance. I loved every moment of it and couldn’t put it down. Jaxon and Nicky will own your heart and take you with them. High school friends take an unexpected turn when they don’t know how to launch their careers and life together. Jaxon is a school teacher who loves his family and hometown. He gets into a mess that has you glued to the pages just to see how it all works.

Nicky’s dream is to become a weather forecaster and he has done everything to make it happen. Your heart may ache for Nicky when the truth finally comes out. You’ll be her biggest cheerleader when you get back together and the sparks are still there. Jaxon has a big heart and wants it all with Nicky and I love how she shows it. Nicky is put to the test when an obstacle called Callista appears. Surprise pregnancy, ex-wife return and unfulfilled love is all I wanted and more in this one. I love Nicky and Jaxon so much. I can’t wait for more to come from the Calloway family.

Samantha always brings all the emotion and drama to her stories! I knew this was going to be emotional as it was a second chance, divorced couples romance, but I didn’t expect my heart to ache so much from the drama.

Jaxon and Nicky were together for a long time, they were in love in high school and dreamed of a life together. But Nicky got a little distracted when she couldn’t balance her career dreams and her relationship dreams. She left and divorced Jaxon and they were both heartbroken. It was heartbreaking because you could feel their pain at the breakup and how much love they still had for each other. Samantha writes this so beautifully and because she is I trust her completely to rip my heart out but put it back together in the end.

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When Nicky takes a temporary job near Calloway Creek, Nicky and Jaxon must confront their past. There are many secrets that will be revealed not only to the reader but also to Jaxon and Nicky. It turns out that their communication was cut off before their marriage ended. They had some old stuff to do. I loved how open they were this second time in their relationship. It seems that their time apart made them mature and maybe their relationship could work this time.

I want to say a lot more, but let yourself be surprised. All I know is that this was a beautiful form of torture. My heart was racing and I stayed up most of the night trying to finish this. I’m not a fan of this type of drama and it really annoys me, but somehow Samantha pulled it off. It was so real and also messy, but emotional and beautiful. These two characters were meant to be together and it’s proven by everything they went through to get their happy endings.

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