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On A Night Like This book pdf download for free or read online, also On A Night Like This pdf was written by Lindsey Kelk.

Lindsey’s books include the Sunday Times hit series I Heart, as well as several independent romantic comedies including In Case You Missed It and One in a Million, and the children’s series Cinders & Sparks.

A fan of lipstick, pro wrestling, and cats (though not necessarily simultaneously), Lindsey is also the co-host of the award-winning beauty podcast, Full Coverage, as well as Tights and Fights, a pro wrestling podcast on Maximum Fun. .. the network. Born and raised in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, she worked in publishing as a children’s book editor before moving to New York and becoming a full-time writer. Now he lives in Los Angeles.

BookOn A Night Like This
AuthorLindsey Kelk
Size1.2 MB

On A Night Like This Book PDF download for free

On A Night Like This Book PDF download for free

Within days of wishing she could change her life, Fran Cooper is a celebrity assistant, on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea and bound for a small Italian island and her glittering crystal ball along with the world’s rich and famous.

When she literally meets a handsome American named Evan, a man who can keep his cool in the face of chaos, the magic really begins.

Evan makes her a promise: no last names, no life stories, just one night to remember. But Evan belongs in the crystal ball and Fran is an outsider. They may be soulmates, but their homes are separated by an ocean and their lives are a world apart. They will never see each other again, unless, on a night like this, everything can change forever…

On A Night Like This Book Pdf Download

This book is so much fun. There can be two ways to associate the title as Fran experiences two very different yet life changing nights on a unique journey. It all starts when the Fran decides to take assistant job for super VIP Juliette. Before she knows it, she’s left her small-town life behind, with a fiancé she seems to have lost contact with and a lack of work leaving her wanting for a week on the yacht off the coast of the Italy . Now Fran is the subject of a Lindsey Kelk novel, so a fun game ensues, and yet Fran also learns a lot about herself along the way.

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One of my favorite parts of this book is the friendships Fran has and develops. One night on the yacht, he has a bonding experience with Juliette at an ultimate girls night out. While things get a little bumpy there, she also has her best friend Jess and the start of a working relationship with Sarah, who Fran hired for the job. Plus a brief run-in with a makeup artist who ends up being Fran’s biggest cheerleader in a long time. This woman supporting other women throughout the book is so refreshing to watch and really speaks to something in this military spouse who moves every few years and has a hard time making friends.

And then there’s Evan. Initially I was a bit annoyed by the time it takes to show up, although I really enjoyed the interactions between Fran and Juliette. But let me tell you, it’s worth the wait. Smart and sexy, she’s really trying to decide who she wants to be just because she knows it’s not her father. His support for Fran and his constant respect for her and her wishes were heartwarming. Also, these are Lindsey Kelk’s characters so the jokes are spot on and kept me laughing the whole time.

Verily, this book is one to banish bad moods. There’s friendship, romance, and a story about deciding what you want and then trying. On a Night Like This is a true romantic comedy that I highly recommend.

Lindsey Kelks On A Night Like This is a ridiculous and hilarious play that combines celebrity gala with sweet romance.

Francesca Cooper takes a short stint as a personal assistant and travels to a small Italian island with a pop star aboard a luxury yacht. Events soon spiral out of Fran’s control when the diva disappears, but the handsome Evan shows up to help her make the best of the unexpected situation.

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Lindsey Kelk’s characters are well developed and witty, inspiring a little sympathy from the reader for even the most befuddled. As the story progresses, Fran becomes more confident and happier as she finally realizes what she wants for her future, and Kelk lets the reader walk with Fran as she takes several bold steps forward.

The plot is fast-paced and outrageously over the top, but also quite funny. There are a variety of casually inserted British terms (like Lilo and Percy Pigs, an air mattress and jelly beans) that help ground the novel with British humor, although little of the story actually takes place in England.

My biggest complaint is that the book almost feels like two separate stories: Fran’s experiences before she arrived on the island and her experiences on the island. It would have been more enjoyable for me as a reader if there was more of a mix between the two, but overall the book is a fun and entertaining ride. If you like the humor of a typical Sandra Bullock film, this book is for you.

Loosely based on Cinderella, On a Night Like This is a hilarious and heartwarming rom-com that proves that all you need is a little help from your favorite fairy (or pop star) to manifest your best life. I wanted this book to have a few more chapters, which is very rare – I needed to see how things were going for Fran in both her work and love life!

Francesca “Fran” Cooper is just an ordinary girl: she works as an executive assistant at a temp agency and is engaged to her childhood sweetheart. Happy but not satisfied with their life. She needs a new job and begins to suspect her fiancé is too comfortable with her ex. A scathing comment from her best friend Jess prompts her to make an impromptu call to one of her old contacts at the temp agency who needs a last-minute assistant for a celebrity.

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Knowing her fiancé won’t like her having to travel to London for work (although she doesn’t mind too much since she can see him at her ex’s beauty salon across the street), she agrees to the interview. If she’s offered the job, she’ll automatically get a new wardrobe and custom bible, and will be sent to the airport to catch a flight to Italy…

…where you board a yacht to the exclusive island home of the famous Crystal Ball, the world’s most private and glamorous charity event. Aboard his famous client Juliette, a famous singer known for her temper tantrums, he discovers that Juliette is not the monster she pretends to be, but a lonely, heartbroken girl who needs a friend more than an assistant .

The candid conversation between the women, who may not be different but are really alike, makes Fran realize that she is not as happy and content with her life as she pretends to be. Hilarious drunken antics ensue… it’s all fun and games until Fran ends up stranded on the island…

.Where an incident involving soda and a grumpy cat leads to an unexpected encounter with a mysterious and magnetic stranger. When the stylist shows up to get the absent Juliette ready for the prom, Fran decides to take advantage of a crazy opportunity to stop playing it safe and follow the rules and crash the ball… where they’re back at the same magnetic strangers meets The tall, dark, and handsome Evan, a man who can remain calm in the face of Fran’s chaos. They decide to keep it simple: just names, no personal details, just one night… But will one night be enough for these people who are clearly bound by fate?

This is such a wonderful Cinderella tale that downplays the fairy godmother aspect in favor of a helping hand in shaping your own destiny.

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