Download When He’s Torn [PDF] By Suzanne Wright

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When He’s Torn Book pdf download for free or read online, also When He’s Torn pdf was written by Suzanne Wright.

BookWhen He’s Torn
AuthorSuzanne Wright
Size1.8 MB

When He’s Torn Book PDF download for free

When He's Torn Book PDF download for free

Bailey is a complete lunatic and loves torturing people. She is a snake shapeshifter and a bodyguard for Mate Alpha, who is one of her best friends. She doesn’t take anything seriously and could make you drink.

Deke is a Pallas shapeshifter and an enforcer for the Pallas pack. He has taken vows to another woman but she has been in Australia for two and a half years and the hunger to play is out of control. When the hunger for contact is at its peak, Bailey pushes him away until he kisses her. They interfere, but Deke and Bailey only agree until the hunger for the game has passed.

Someone is fishing Deke and trying to scare Bailey. She was attacked, shot at and lost control of her car and fell. Bailey slowly lowers the walls around him and Deke slides right in to knock them down.

When He’s Torn Pdf Download

Great humorous book. Sexy. I loved Deke and Bailey. He’s uptight and she’s not, so they’re a perfect match. I can’t wait for the next one. Ms. Wright’s books always make me laugh and I was on the edge of my seat. His books in this series are my favorites.

This was another fun read by Suzanne Wright. He follows the same plot formula that he writes in all of his shapeshifter books; but I’ve read your entire set of changes since 2014 so it’s still effective (IMO).

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The story is funny and the banter between all the characters is great, not just the main couple. Each character is well developed. It’s true that some supporting characters and villains feel like they’ve been copied and expanded from a template, sort of homemade. Overall, the writing style is fun, the story is well developed and edited. It’s an entertaining read at 285 pages.

Due to the violence of the story, there are some dark themes; but it couldn’t really be called dark, just action packed. The raunchy scenes are fun and there are plenty of them, but they stay anywhere from one to five paragraphs depending on the scene. So it doesn’t feel exhausting, but more like a natural part of the characters’ lives.

Always injecting silly quirks into her characters, Suzzane writes both fateful and chosen companions. Bailey had many of those quirks and a tragic backstory that made Deke the perfect brooding counterpart. I wasn’t sure what kind of relationship Wright would ultimately lead to with these two, but I’m very pleased with how it all turned out.

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