Download My Dark Romeo [PDF] By L.J. Shen And Parker S. Huntington

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My Dark Romeo Book pdf download for free or read online, also My Dark Romeo pdf was written by L.J. Shen And Parker S. Huntington.

BookMy Dark Romeo
AuthorL.J. Shen And Parker S. Huntington
Size3.2 MB

My Dark Romeo Book PDF download for free

My Dark Romeo Book PDF download for free

I never wanted this book to end… I AM LOVED! I knew a book co-written by Parker and LJ would be phenomenal, but this one managed to blow my mind! I don’t even know where to start screaming how good this is! If you like enemies of lovers then this is a must read.

If you like billionaire romance, this is a must see. If you like super grumpy MMCs then this is a must try! And if you love an FMC who can stand on her own and do her best while becoming incredibly lovable in the process, Dallas will be your new crush! I know she’s mine hahaha!

Romeo Costa has topped the charts as my new favorite alpha hole! He’s so cold and calculating, but you can get a glimpse of his heart throughout the book. Even though they are very small, I’m talking microscopic first, you can still see them no matter how much you hate them and try to fight them.

My Dark Romeo Pdf Download

I love the way he had a plan and executed it perfectly without me seeing it coming lol! I was just as shocked as Dallas! I love how she fights her feelings for Dallas by fighting her and giving up at the same time, but not in the way she expects. And that mouth of his?! Sir, the way you speak has made me weak at times, and it has also made me reconsider my aversion to historical romance.

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As we then learned more about his past and what made him who he is, so many things made sense and my heart ached. He scared me quite a bit too, especially towards the end, but he always found a way to make up for it in his dark Romeo way.

Dallas is everything. She is literally perfect for him. She makes it very clear that she is not a fan of their agreement or his terms regarding their marriage and is abiding by it. The way he tries to grab your attention and wreak havoc on your life made me so obsessed with his story that I couldn’t stop turning the page just to see what trick he did next would do. Don’t even get me started with your jokes… this made me give the book an instant 5 star rating before I was even halfway through!

The hate they harbored for each other is so strong and so passionate that I devoured every interaction they had with each other. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to stop and catch my breath because I’ve laughed so hard at the things that have been said and don’t regret it one bit. I’m telling you, it was phenomenal! I don’t know what I loved more about Dallas: her ability to insult Romeo like it was an Olympic sport, her love of all food and not being ashamed of it, or her love of books, which of course I totally identify with can . To.

Well let me tell you, the spice came as a shock to me. It was as if each author took their usual level of spice (in my opinion anyway) and combined it to give us some amazing moments of steam and pure lust. Without giving anything away, I just want to say that the first night together in the hotel room and the moment in his bathroom after the restaurant situation will be rent-free in my head for quite a while. So of course I’ll never be able to look at whipped cream again without bursting out in hysterical laughter. That was EPIC right there! Dallas is my hero, I swear to god!

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So his friends… I won’t even start with his friends! These two made me laugh just as much as Romeo and Dallas! Those breaks between chapters where the three boys text each other are some of my favorite moments in the book. You absolutely helped make this book so enjoyable to read from start to finish. I think they caused at least half of my highlights with those conversations.

Ultimately I have no complaints for My Dark Romeo book. There is nothing I would change about My Dark Romeo book and nothing I missed. It was one of the best works by these two authors and I would love to see them write more together because they created nothing short of magic. This book has earned a permanent spot on my list of all time favorite books. Even if you’ve never read anything by either author, you should add it to your TBR and access it as soon as possible! Well done ladies. WELL DONE!

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