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Wrong Place Wrong Time book pdf download for free or read online, also Wrong Place Wrong Time pdf was written by Gillian McAllister.

Gillian McAllister is a Sunday Times Top 10 bestselling author of Everything But The Truth, No Further Questions, The Evidence Against You, Anything You Do Say, How To Disappear and the Richard and Judy book club pick That Night.

All of her novels are stand-alone and can be read in any order. She is published in ten countries of the world. The Good Sister is her US debut, published by Penguin USA and is the US title of No Further Questions. The Choice is her second US release, which is the US title of Anything You Do Say.

BookWrong Place Wrong Time
AuthorGillian McAllister
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Wrong Place Wrong Time Book PDF download for free

Wrong Place Wrong Time Book PDF download for free

From best-selling British author Gillian McAllister comes an incredible compulsively twisted psychological thriller about a mother who witnesses her teenage son stab a man to death, then tries to save him in an unconventional way in what Lisa describes as “perfection, every word, every…moment” denotes jewel.

Wrong Place Wrong Time Book Pdf Download

Gillian McAllister is no stranger to the bestseller charts and I have no doubt that Wrong Place, Wrong Time is destined to be at least as successful as her previous releases. While all of her previous novels have essentially revolved around moral dilemmas, this latest book takes a slightly different tack and ventures into the realm of time warps.

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When Jen’s 18-year-old son Todd inexplicably murders a random stranger, his world is turned upside down. But that is nothing compared to the events that await them. When she wakes up the next morning, Jen discovers that she is actually reliving the day before. After that, every morning she travels further and further back in time, searching for answers that can save the future of her son.

While I wouldn’t call this a longtime favorite, it’s the kind of novel that grabs you and takes you deeper and deeper into the realms of it. Wrong Place, Wrong Time is a novel that has a mystery drama at its core, but is infused with aspects of science fiction, psychology, suspense, and emotional family drama. The characters are well drawn and the plot is as meticulous as it needs to be for the chosen structure to work effectively. The result is quite a compelling read that should appeal to the most readers of well-written fiction, regardless of their usual preferred genre.

I’ve been wanting to read Gillian McAllister’s Wrong Place Wrong Time for a long time, so when my copy arrived I went straight to it. I’ve been a fan of Gillian’s books ever since I read her debut and I think her latest book is definitely her best yet. I love the idea that she explores here that makes this novel so different and compelling. I was so excited to find out what was going to happen and I flew through it in just a couple of sessions.

We know Jen that she is witnessing something so unimaginable; she can’t even begin to comprehend it. Her son killed someone right in front of her. She now she must face the chaotic consequences. But after the night her son becomes a murderer, something unusual happens, Jen wakes up the next morning only that the incident happened the day before.

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Did she make up the whole scenario? But every morning after that, when she wakes up, she begins to realize that she is living her life backwards, every day she travels further and further back in time. But why does this happen? How can this happen? Is there a higher purpose here? Does she now have a chance to stop her son from committing such a terrible crime?

Jen felt very real reading this book. You can feel her agony as she realizes what her son has done. When she realizes that she is time traveling, you can see how scared and frustrated she is. Jen has literally no idea why this is happening. Like Jen, she wanted to know what was happening to her and she wanted to see if there was any way to prevent what would happen to her child in the future.

We also hear from the point of view of a person named Ryan. It’s not entirely clear how Ryan fits into the story, but Gillian McAllister cleverly reveals why he’s there. The chapters told from her point of view seemed very interesting. I have to say that it is an impressive moment when the ultimate truths come to light.

I’m sure Wrong Place Wrong Time will be in my top ten of the year. It is such an intelligent and original novel that I highly recommend it.

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