Download The Many Daughters Of Among Moy [PDF] By Jamie Ford

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The Many Daughters Of Among Moy book pdf download for free or read online, also The Many Daughters Of Among Moy pdf was written by Jamie Ford.

Jamie Ford is the great-grandson of Nevada mining pioneer Min Chung, who emigrated from Kaiping, China to San Francisco in year 1865, where he adopted the Western name “Ford,” confusing countless generations.

His debut novel, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, was a New York Times bestseller for two years and won the 2010 Asian/Pacific American Prize for Literature. His work has been translated into 34 different Languages.

BookThe Many Daughters Of Among Moy
AuthorJamie Ford

The Many Daughters Of Among Moy Book PDF download for free

The Many Daughters Of Among Moy Book PDF download for free

Dorothy Moy breaks her own heart for a living.

As a former Washington Poet Laureate, she describes how she brings her dissociative episodes and mental health issues into her art. But when her five-year-old daughter behaves in a similar way and begins to remember things from the lives of her ancestors, Dorothy believes that her past has really haunted her. Fearful that her son is destined to experience the same debilitating depression that has shaped her own life, Ella Dorothy seeks radical help.

Through an experimental treatment designed to alleviate inherited trauma, Dorothy is closely connected to previous generations of women in her family: Faye Moy, a nurse in China who works with the Flying Tigers; Zoe Moy, a student in England at a famous school without rules; Lai King Moy, a girl quarantined during a plague epidemic in San Francisco; Greta Moy, a tech executive with a unique dating app; and Afong Moy, the first Chinese woman to set foot in the United States.

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As painful memories of her affect her current life, Dorothy discovers that she didn’t just inherit the trauma. Every period of time, a stranger searches for her. A stranger who loved her through all her genetic memories. Dorothy strives to break the cycle of pain and abandonment to finally find peace for her daughter and obtain the love she has long hoped for, knowing that she will pay the ultimate price.

The Many Daughters Of Among Moy Book Pdf Download

The Many Daughters of Afong Moy by Jamie Ford

This is a difficult review to write because I really can’t tell you what happened in this story. I don’t understand what happened or how it happened or why it happened. Before reading this book, I had never heard of epigenetics (the study of heritable changes in phenotype that do not involve changes in DNA sequence).

We see this story from the perspective of seven women. They are all related to and affected by transgenerational trauma, trauma that is passed from one generation to the next. Every woman can feel something, emotions from a past that she has never experienced. Some of the women do not know the history of the women who came before them, so they cannot even explain their feelings of uneasiness, fear and despair as a result of the stories of their ancestors’ difficult past.

Afong is central to these seven women and Afong is based on a real person, the first Chinese woman to set foot in the United States. From her sad beginning we move on to the stories of the women who will come after her. The story is not told in chronological order, but rather we move back and forth between the pivotal moments in each woman’s life. Annabel is at the end of this line of women, many years in our future, and thanks to her mother’s experience with new and improved treatments, Annabel and many of her ancestors can feel/experience their past, present and future of different way.

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The story was interesting but very sad to see how women were affected by the cruelty and indifference of those around them. I would have liked to have understood better how Dorothy could have changed what happened to something else. My mind visualizes chaos in the future by changing the past, but we don’t see that in this story.

Dorothy Moy is Poet Laureate. Her poetry springs from “episodes” of hers, which her husband is sure are psychological flaws. But when her daughter starts having the same experiences, Dorothy seeks treatment and meets some of her ancestors, all wild women. Her experiences, adventures, joys, traumas and lives culminate in Dorothy and her daughter. And along this journey someone is looking for Dorothy… but why?

This has been a journey of metaphors, what ifs, possibilities and aspirations. Of generational trauma and déjà vu. Much of this is very real, and the rest very well could be. How much are we affected by the legacy and experiences of our ancestors, either through DNA or through nurturing generations? What happens when a trauma consciously or unconsciously shapes our identity?

And what forms can healing and dissolution take? I found myself pondering these kinds of questions both throughout the story and long after I finished reading it. I can see how it would play out in a good way for some and a bad way for others, so approach with caution, oh sensible reader.

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