Download You Made A Fool Of Death With Your Beauty [PDF] By Akwaeke Emezi

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You Made A Fool Of Death With Your Beauty book pdf download for free or read online, also You Made A Fool Of Death With Your Beauty pdf was written by Akwaeke Emezi.

BookYou Made A Fool Of Death With Your Beauty
AuthorAkwaeke Emezi
Size3.1 MB

You Made A Fool Of Death With Your Beauty Book PDF download for free

You Made A Fool Of Death With Your Beauty Book PDF download for free

Feyi Adekola really wants to learn to live again.

It’s been five years since the accident that killed the love of her life and she’s almost a new person now: an artist with her own studio who shares a brownstone apartment with her best friend Joy, who insists it’s time Feyi come back to life dating scene Feyi isn’t ready for anything serious, but a steamy encounter at a rooftop party sends her into a stormy summer she never imagined: a luxurious trip to a tropical island, decadent meals at a celebrity chef’s glamorous home. and an important curator who wants to start his artistic career.

She has even started dating the perfect man, but her new relationship may be sabotaged before she gets the chance, by the overwhelming desire Feyi feels every time she gazes into the eyes of the one person in the house who is definitely taboo. : his father.

This new life that she expected has become much more complicated, and Feyi must begin her search for real answers. Who is she ready to become? Can she put her past behind her and honor her pain as she embraces her future? And, of course, the most important question of all for her: How far is she willing to go for a second chance at love? Akwaeke Emezi’s vibrant and passionate writing takes us deep into a world of possibility and healing and the constant courage to choose love against all odds.

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You Made A Fool Of Death With Your Beauty Book Pdf Download

You Made A Fool Of Death With Your Beauty is a story about Feyi, a young artist who lives in Brooklyn with her best friend. Five years ago, Feyi’s husband died in a car accident before her eyes, and Feyi has been unable to form serious relationships since then.

She’s not ready for romance, but romance knocks on her door anyway, and she soon finds herself in a beautiful mansion on a tropical island, with a handsome and loving man by her side. But there, Feyi meets someone else, someone who could be a man she truly falls in love with, but who should be completely off limits. Can Feyi face social expectations and her own pain and fear to finally heal and trust?

I loved Akwaeke Emezi’s The Death of Vivek Oji and when I saw that they had a new book on the way I was beyond excited to read it. Unfortunately, it did not meet my expectations. First of all, the things I loved about the book: Feyi is such an amazing character: she’s complex, interesting, and someone I’d love to have by my side in real life.

Her bond with her best friend was so realistic and touching that the love just radiated off the page. Emezi’s writing is beautiful and I loved the setting of the book; Brooklyn, the beautiful island, the art world that Feyi surrounds herself with. Feyi’s backstory is tragic, but I appreciate how it influenced a lot of her decisions. So what didn’t work for me? Unfortunately, the most important element of the book – the romance.

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Well, I’m all for difficult relationships, sometimes even taboo, but one thing I can’t stand is Insta love. Without spoiling too much, I can say that Feyi and her love interest spend maybe 24 hours one on one before falling in love and less than a week before her love interest completely changes her life for her.

Maybe I’m too old at 30 to get carried away with such a fast-paced romance, but I couldn’t help but think that there was nothing realistic about it and that some of the decisions the couple made just made me uncomfortable. This book is pretty short, so I think I’d be more okay with the relationship if it had more time to grow organically, but I found it rushed and childish.

Having said that, I can honestly say that Emezi is an amazing writer and a true master of her craft. I really enjoyed a lot of this book and the parts I didn’t like didn’t stop me from writing at all. On the contrary, I can’t wait to dive into Emezi’s other works.

TLDR: You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty is a stunning book, perfect for anyone who loves forbidden romance and doesn’t mind the characters falling in love quickly.

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