Download Never Fall For Your Fiancée [PDF] By Virginia Heath

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Never Fall For Your Fiancée book pdf download for free or read online, also Never Fall For Your Fiancée pdf was written by Virginia Heath.

BookNever Fall For Your Fiancée
AuthorVirginia Heath
Size3.5 MB

Never Fall For Your Fiancée Book PDF download for free

Never Fall For Your Fiancée Book PDF download for free

The last thing Hugh Standish, Earl of Fareham, really wants is a wife. Unfortunately, his mother is determined to find him one, even across the ocean. So Hugh makes up a fake fiancée to keep his mother’s matchmaker at bay. But when Hugh learns that his mother is on a ship bound for England, he realizes that her intricate, convoluted, but practical ruse is about to implode. Him until he runs into a beautiful woman who may be the miracle he needs.

Minerva Merriwell has struggled to support herself and her two younger sisters ever since her helpless father abandoned her. Woodcut work is scarce and the Merriwell sisters are nearly penniless. When Hugh asks Minerva to pose as her fiancée while her mother is visiting, she knows that while the offer sounds ridiculous, she’s too nice to turn down.

Of course, once Minerva and her sisters arrive at Hugh’s estate, nothing goes according to her meticulous plan. As hilarity and misunderstandings ensue as everyone tries to keep their confusing stories straight, Hugh and Minerva’s fake engagement turns into a real romance. But can they really trust each other when their relationship started with a lie? Never Fall for Your Fiancée, the first book in the Merriwell Sisters series, is a hilarious and sparkling historical romance set on Virginia Heath.

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Never Fall For Your Fiancée Book Pdf Download

This has to be one of my favorite Virginia Heath books. Minerva Merriwell and Hugh Standish, Earl of Fareham are really an odd couple, but it works. Hugh lied to his matchmaker mom that he’s on his way from Boston to call him about it. Through a series of the circumstances, he meets with Minerva. He convinces her to photograph her fiancé for a fee. Being extremely poor with two sisters is tempting. A deal is struck, and Minerva and her sisters Diana, the cynical, and Vee (short for Venus), the nervous teenager, head to Standish House.

That’s where the story really begins. I loved the humor that is omnipresent. Hugh has gotten so into his offbeat story about his fiancée that the humor comes from thinking on his feet to get around his problems. He has help, he has a complete script, and for the fee, Minerva is buying it.

Then there’s Giles, Hugh’s best friend, who adds his mite to make things even more confusing. My favorite is Payne, his butler and confidante. Some of the best lines and looks are from Payne. He just has to appear on the page and I start to smile. My favorite scene with Payne occurs when everything, and I mean everything, is falling apart:

The butler returned, glared at Hugh, then went over to the new bottle of brandy he had left on the counter minutes before. He grabbed her by her neck, pulled the stopper, and then drank directly from the bottle. “Pay?” Her mother took a royal sip of her rapidly cooling tea, as if such a sight was quite commonplace.

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There is much more: Hugh’s mother, his stepfather and an actress. Towards the end it gets pretty sad and serious, but there’s still an HEA and two more books to come. you can tell i loved it

Ms. Heath’s books are always engaging, the characters are well developed and there are many characters. Her writing just flows, it’s almost impossible to put it down. She loses a star for steam, but other than that I highly recommend it.

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