Download The Perfects [PDF] By Rachel Van Dyken

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The Perfects book pdf download for free or read online, also The Perfects was written by Rachel Van Dyken.

BookThe Perfects
AuthorRachel Van Dyken
Size1.1 MB

The Perfects Book PDF download for free

The Perfects Book PDF download for free

Find out what happens when your perfect image breaks through in New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken’s steamy new romance.

Everything was perfect.
Until it wasn’t.

Until my family took in a foster girl and placed her in front of me. A charity case to look good and a person who should never have existed in my world.

I kissed her to stop her talking and then I kissed her again because I liked the taste of her words, I liked her.
It was our secret until they caught us: that night changed everything.

We become strangers, living in the same house and seeing the same ghosts of our past mistakes, but I can’t stop thinking about us, those forbidden moments.

I pretend I hate her, tell her I’ll never forgive her, and then Quinn, my old best friend, intervenes. I can’t tell if she really likes him or if she has a death wish and she just likes to piss me off, but what can I say? Keep me away from my foster sister?
She is mine?

she already had them?
Telling him that would reveal who we were and ruin everything.
The three of us are living multiple lies, and I know that our ivory tower of perfection will eventually come crashing down.

He knows my secrets.
I know yours.
And now she knows both.

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She wants.
He she wants.
But I always get what I want.

And what I want is the girl, whatever it takes.

The Perfects Book Pdf Download

I’ve always known an RVD book is worth reading, and The Perfects was no different. This book had me hooked from the start and I was off to a good ride!

Mary-Belle is a foster child who thought she had finally found a home to grow up in, but when her foster mother unexpectedly dies, she finds herself alone again. She enters the family of her adoptive mother who agrees to take her in.

A popular high school senior, Ambrose is an athlete and has been Mary-Belle’s foster brother ever since her parents welcomed him into her home. As soon as Mary-Belle arrives, it’s clear that Ambrose has a crush on her.

Ambrose grew up with money and power, which is the complete opposite of Mary-Belle. While they have an immediate connection, circumstances kick in and drive a wedge between them almost as soon as she arrives. They are both forced to focus on the problems and pain from their past that are now affecting their present and future.

There is so much going on in this book that I’ll let readers figure out the rest while I’m at it. I will say that you should pay attention to the activation warnings at the beginning of the book. There are some serious issues that are addressed. Everyone is treated with respect, but they are definitely there. Enjoy this wild ride!

I have always loved RVD and his writing. When I started this book I wasn’t sure how I would continue. It didn’t start out in the usual way at RVD, but as it progressed, my emotions took over. I have laughed and cried. RVD has tackled some tough topics that are really for today. The dynamic between Ambrose, MB, and Quinn grew stronger as they became or became best friends.

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MB is an adopted girl trying to survive in a rich world despite the fact that she only knows poverty and abuse. Ambrose has it all, but he doesn’t really want it all. Quinn, the rich nerd who had Ambrose as his best friend but lost him during his freshman year. Secrets that everyone has and tries to keep them away. They need to show the outside government how “perfect” their life and family are. As a teacher, I see some of the problems that RVD has written about in my work. Children use school as an escape route. RVD does it again.

What an intense and captivating story. This is a difficult review to write, as I don’t want to give away too much of what you, the reader, must discover by digging into this story. Ambroise seems to have it all as his father works to provide for him with plans to take over the family business and inheritance. Mary-Belle spent her life wondering if she would have anything to eat that day.

Living with Ambroise’s family in her latest foster home, she’s not sure how to accept all the wealth she’s suddenly living in. Now these two are unlikely roommates, but they’ll find they have more in common than they bargained for. I felt all the emotions with these two characters as they navigate their senior year and all the oddities that life throws at them.

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