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Birthday Girl book pdf download for free or read online, also Birthday Girl pdf was written by Penelope Douglas.

Penelope Douglas is a bestselling author who writes romance novels, whether new to adult, erotic, or contemporary.

She’s not your typical romance novelist, she says there aren’t many topics too far off limits for her and she doesn’t like to stay in her comfort zone when she writes.

If you like your romance to be written in moral parentheses, the last sentence is a red flag for you. But… if you like a twisted romance with steamy scenes, Penelope Douglas is what you need.

Born in Dubuque, Iowa, USA, Penelope is the oldest of five siblings.

Penelope graduated with a Bachelor of Public Administration from the University of Northern Iowa because her father “just wanted to get the damn degree”! She disliked public administration, so she earned a master’s degree with a concentration in education from Loyola University in New Orleans.

Her books, which include The Fall Away Series, The Devil’s Night Series, and the stand-alone novels Misconduct, Punk 57, Birthday Girl, Credence, and Tryst Six Venom, have been translated into seventeen languages.

Although none of her books were made into movies, the rights to The Fall Away series were sold to a Hollywood producer.

Penelope Douglas is married and have a daughter named Aydan. When she’s not writing, she likes to visit old ships and go on road trips.

BookBirthday Girl
AuthorPenelope Douglas
Size2 MB
CategoryRomance Novel

Birthday Girl Book PDF download for free

Birthday Girl Book PDF download for free

Pyke Lawson is absolutely delicious and swoons. He is a 38 year old single man. Father of 19-year-old Cole. He is calm, focused, protective, and a true alpha male. He has his life in order, but everything will change the night he has to take his son Cole and his girlfriend Jordan to his house.

Jordan is an old soul in the young body. She is 19 years old, but she is quite a woman. She had a hard life. For most of his life, she felt she didn’t belong. Jordan strives to be better than the life she was thrown into. She is smart, hard-working and a very nice girl. But living under the same roof as Pike will change her life. Because how do you deal with having so many delicious feelings for the man that is your father?

Birthday Girl Book Pdf Download

Penelope Douglas’ Birthday Girl is a story that taps into one of my favorite tropes: the forbidden love factor, which makes the story very scary. I can’t remember exactly how I found my first Penelope Douglas novel, but the title, Corrupt, was definitely the kind of book that made me sit up and realize Penelope’s talent when it comes to romance novels with darker edges. .

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Birthday Girl opens with heroine Jordan Hadley celebrating her birthday by going to the movies to enjoy an 80’s movie while she waits for her boyfriend Ella Cole to pick her up or find another way to hitchhike to drive home. At the theater, she meets a man who initially makes her a little suspicious, but over the course of their time together at the theater, Ella Jordan discovers that she is super comfortable with him in a way she doesn’t allow herself. with the people she usually knows. Before the night is over, Jordan and her mystery man are in for a surprise. It turns out that she was dating none other than Pike Lawson, Cole’s father.

So she begins a story that was an excellent read, a book she hated to put down, and hadn’t happened in so long that she had even forgotten how she felt about herself. Three days after the “Post Theater Incident”, Cole and Jordan move in with Pike, and during that time, a bond formed in a dark movie theater, through which two souls had been joined, grows stronger and fights against the gigantic barriers. overcome before them.

Pike definitely doesn’t want to covet his son’s girlfriend. That’s not the kind of person pike is. But Pike believes that Jordan is the kind of woman he always dreamed of settling down with, and beneath the tough exterior of a man hardened by his ex-wife’s bitter experience lies a heart that longs for a loving home, longs for a wife and children of his own. she. own self. But Pike knows that it is a dream that will continue to be so since she is about to turn 40 and the age difference between him and Jordan is reason enough to leave her alone.

Conversations over dinner and other moments of camaraderie draw Jordan and Pike closer as Jordan and Cole head south. Even then, Pike is a man who fights his inner desire to claim Jordan as his own, even when Jordan tests his self-control far too often. But it’s a fight that Pike spectacularly loses to Jordan, and Birthday Girl contains such luscious sex scenes coupled with high doses of sexual tension that it’s hard to remain unmoved by everything that’s going on.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the review, the conflict that is part of a trope like this comes with a lot of anxiety, and Penelope nailed it. She manages to write scenes that will make you an emotional wreck one minute, thrill you to the point of pain the next, and deliver you so fabulously in a way that will leave you wanting more. Always more.

Jordan, though comparatively much younger than Pike, was his equal in every way. She is yin to her yang, the woman who fills all the missing pieces in her life. With a heart that longs for a family of his own, Jordan has this dream that mirrors Pike’s because of her childhood. Although she was not abused, her neglect had left its mark, and because she never really knew her mother, Jordan yearns for a healthy family life that resonates with the silent needs hidden deep within the complex man he lives with. it’s Pike.

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Pike, of course, lashes out; What’s a man to do when his deepest desires are wrapped up along with his darkest nightmare, namely hurting his child, the child he never really had, to have the experience of growing up? his son? Pike is a man who gave up his dreams to take care of his son, and the very idea of ​​”betraying” his son to such an extent makes Pike feel that he deserves nothing better than the misery he has received. feel when he denies his needs. all that Jordan is.

Jordan’s character suits Pikes well because he has a wisdom and a maturity that doesn’t match kids his age. With Pike in her life, Jordan doesn’t have to look twice at another man because with him, she Jordan feels safe and loved in a way she never dreamed. The way that Jordan, in her own way, takes care of Pike, him offering a place of comfort and a home was one of the best aspects of the story.

Their time apart was painful but much needed, especially for Pike to come to terms with the depth of his feelings for Jordan, the woman who holds his heart. The epilogue hit the nail on the head and gave readers the joy of experiencing a little bit of her happy ending and I loved, loved, loved Penelope for giving us this glimpse into the future.

Definitely recommended to anyone and everyone who loves to get off the hottest charts I know I know the hero who resists and yields so well.

From time to time I like to push my limits and read books that have the potential to disturb me I suppose. I like to get into the minds of characters and try to figure out how or why they arrive at the decisions they make and understand a situation that I might not otherwise have in my head. Birthday Girl accomplishes exactly that, and I loved every deafening moment of forbidden attraction!

Jordan and Cole are a young couple trying to create positive change as a couple. Forced to leave home, they have no choice but to accept Cole’s slightly estranged father Pike’s offer to move in with him and help him with his house. When they do, Jordan and Pike can’t help but notice each other. She’s nineteen and he’s thirty-eight, just like Cole’s dad, so there are plenty of red flags as to why they both need to look away.

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The problem is that Cole leaves the house a lot. She likes to party with her friends, works occasionally and has a lot to do. However, Jordan has dreams. He has passions that he wants to pursue and does whatever it takes to stay on the same page and achieve something in the future. In return, she works hard, attends classes, and does what Pike asks, helping out around the house.

When Pike isn’t working, he’s doing projects around the house and trying to be hospitable to his son’s girlfriend. Befriending her is dangerous territory because while he doesn’t get much help in her life, Pike can’t get caught in gray areas when it comes to her son’s girlfriend, no matter how much they have in common or how he is. I want her to be happy.

When Jordan’s relationship with Cole falls apart, Pike is there to pick up the pieces, and even as he fights temptation for as long as possible, frustration and need overwhelm him, and he is there for Jordan when he needs someone most. . When his age difference and the opinions of others bombard his secret and sensual world, his entanglement is threatened and his blissful feelings in jeopardy.

I’m sure I’m going to get hounded for this, but I loved every tense, scary, sexy moment of this story. Douglas certainly knows how to build the suspense and build some more and build some more before it all collapses out of sheer satisfaction…and worry.

Sure, the age difference stumped me, but when I thought of the street where Pike is forty-eight and Jordan is 29, it didn’t seem all that taboo or forbidden. I was there for the chemistry and I admired how much he tried to protect her from having a bad hand in her life. I also deeply admired her for working hard and educating herself so that she could take charge of her own future and focus on successful goals instead of ending up like most of her family.

Jordan had ambitions and Pike was there to encourage and protect her as she pursued her dreams, so the focus of the story was more important to me than the forbidden temptation aspect of the story, although it did help keep things interesting and increased the spice. levels down a notch, making this a satisfying read!

Final Verdict: Birthday Girl is one of the best contemporary romances I’ve read recently, and it nails all those points. Penelope Douglas is definitely an author worth following. Absolutely delicious! There is a beauty in the sensitivity and raw honesty that Douglas portrays that lives up to the trope.

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