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Blood And Vows book pdf download for free or read online, also Blood And Vows pdf was written by K. Easton And Amanda Richardson.

Kory (K.) Easton is the paranormal romance pseudonym of Amazon best-selling author Amanda Richardson. She is drawn to dark stories of otherworldly creatures and beasts. She currently lives in Yorkshire, England with her husband and her two children.

Amanda Richardson writes from her messy dining room table in Yorkshire, England, often distracted by her husband and her two adorable children. When she’s not writing dark, contemporary romances, she enjoys coffee (a little too much) and collects houseplants like they’re going out of style.

BookBlood And Vows ( Twisted Legends Collection Book 5 )
AuthorK. Easton And Amanda Richardson
Size1 MB

Blood And Vows Book PDF download for free

Blood And Vows Book PDF download for free

Blood And Vows is a dark retelling of the Bloody Mary legend. It’s a paranormal love novel that will make your Kindle boil.

Please note that this book contains dark themes such as forced marriage, kidnapping, questionable consent, violence, and explicit language that may be triggers for some.

Blood And Vows Book Pdf Download

This is the fifth book in the Twisted Legends Collection and the first I’ve read by this author. I have never read a Bloody Mary retelling and it leaves me wanting more. It’s dark, gritty, and involves forced marriage, kidnapping, dub-con, and more, so check the trigger warnings. I was hooked from the beginning. The development of characters and world building was great. I will definitely go back to read others 4 books.

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Liz is a strong, smart and wild FMC who was warned by her mother not to set foot on Edinburgh’s East Side. Although her life is not going well at the moment, she decides to be curious. Outwardly, she doesn’t see much of a difference, but what’s underneath is something she should fear. After several drinks, Liz finally summons Bloody Marius from her realm through a mirror. Now he wants her, in every way she can. Will Liz be able to resist Marius in his sexy, dark, dangerous and possessive way or will she succumb to him?

What a good book. Though I wish it was longer. Packed with unexpected twists, danger, action, violence and mystery in this paranormal romance. Can I summon my own Bloody Marius? I can’t wait to read more from this author.

I really enjoyed it, part of the Twisted Legends collection, it’s a novel sized novel and I devoured it in one sitting! A retelling of the Bloody Mary urban legend that gave me a real taste of what a full size story would be and I have to say I’m looking forward to it!!

The world building for this was great, full of demons, fairies, vampires and other mystical creatures. She definitely gets a little hot and spicy when it comes to pairing bows, knots, and a cock that can do wonderful things!

Liz has had a really bad week and she ends up going to a part of Edinburgh that her mother has warned her to stay away from: she’s curious and needs some booze! She goes to a bar, Dante’s Inferno, and quickly gets drunk when she goes to the bathroom. She finds a mirror with a rhyme attached to it which she repeats, unknowingly reaching another dimension and calling out to Marius.

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Marius has been looking for Liz for the last 18 years after her mother asked him to heal her daughter; the deal was the marriage of her daughter in exchange for the cure. But he managed to hide Liz from Marius so he couldn’t find her. But now she herself has called him, and he will have what is his.

It’s going to be a fantastic world! I loved the characters and their potential. I can’t wait to read the full version of this story. Definitely worth a read for all pnr/dark demon lovers out there!

I loved this book. It was a super quick read, incredibly entertaining. It’s a Bloody Mary retelling, and it was just perfect. When Liz’s life is turned upside down, she ventures into the part of town her mother always warns her about. But she soon realizes why. Her when she recites a seemingly innocent poem and she stares at a man with horns and a tail. So she is swept away, destined to marry the devil himself. And she tried to fight it, but she soon discovers that she is hopeless.

I was totally captivated as soon as I started reading this book. I loved Marius and Liz and definitely need a longer story for them. The spice in this book… and my God, I needed a glass of water. This little book definitely packed a lot of heat. And let’s just say the devil’s tail is there for more than just looking creepy. I definitely recommend this. I would love the paranormal, monsters, forced marriage… and a lot of spice.

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