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The Hunted One book pdf download for free or read online, also The Hunted One pdf was written by Brittney Sahin.

Brittney Sahin started writing at a young age and dreamed of becoming a published author before she was 18. Although academic pursuits (and later a teaching career) interrupted his aspirations, he never stopped writing, never stopped imagining.

It wasn’t until her students encouraged her to follow her dreams that Brittney said goodbye to upstate New York to start a new adventure in the place where she grew up: Charlotte, North Carolina. Here he decided to take the advice of his students and start writing again.

In 2015 he published his first novel Memorias silenciodas (The Safe Bet). When he’s not working on upcoming novels, he’s spending time with his family. She is the proud mother of two boys and a lover of thrillers, coffee and the outdoors.

BookThe Hunted One
AuthorBrittney Sahin
Size1.4 MB

The Hunted One Book PDF download for free

The Hunted One Book PDF download for free

Will this grumpy protector break her book-loving heart? . . or become her second chance at love?

Savanna Vasquez lost her Navy SEAL husband to terrorists years ago, and she doesn’t think she’s capable of falling in love with her again. So she keeps busy managing her cafe and buries her face in the pages of fiction for a romantic getaway.

But when her late husband’s brother invades her life and brings with him a world of danger, Savanna finds herself protected by a group of tough ex-military men.

She feels like she’s in one of her favorite novels, but she’s not sure if her happy ending is guaranteed, especially when she finds herself alone with one of Delta’s dangerously handsome operators.

After twenty years of service in his country’s military, Griffin Andrews now works for an elite security team. When he is sent on a mission to protect a friend of the Company, he never expects to meet a woman who will bring his dead heart back to life.

In Griffin’s eyes, Savanna is still married, if only in her heart, which means she’s off limits. He forgets the fact that she is also his work. With her being pursued by an unknown number of threats, he must focus on her safety and not how she feels in her arms.

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Griffin’s resolve begins to fade the more time they spend together, and his self-control breaks. The unexplained connection between them makes them both wonder if maybe they came together for some other reason.

And as Griffin does everything in his power to save Savanna, he discovers that she could save him, too.

From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Brittney Sahin comes a suspenseful standalone military novel with no cliffhangers and a happy ending.

The Hunted One Book Pdf Download

This book is AWESOME!! I had the biggest book hangover after reading this book and if I could give this book more than 5 stars I certainly would.

The Hunted is the first book in the new Falcon Falls security series. You’ll meet new characters and reconnect with old characters from other books in the author’s background list. While this book is the first in the series and can be read on its own, I recommend reading the Stealth Ops series first. If you can’t wait to read all 10 books before this one, I’d at least read Chasing Daylight and Chasing Fortune (Books 6 and 7 of the Stealth Ops series) to familiarize yourself with the characters in this book.

This book tells the story of how Savanna Vasquez and Griffin Andrews fell in love in the middle of a dangerous operation involving a relative of theirs. Savanna Vasquez lost her husband Marcus years ago and still cries for him and the life they would have had if her life hadn’t been stolen from him. Believing that she will never find love again, she lives vicariously through the pages of romance novels, runs her dream cafe, and dates her loved ones.

Griffin Andrews is a member of an elite security company made up of ex-army soldiers, including his best friend. His past made him perpetually single and he didn’t think twice about love until he met Savanna. When Savanna needs protection, Griffin and her team are the ones for the job, working with her and her friends to discover why danger has literally landed on her doorstep, wondering if everything is happening for a reason or not. if anyone has a reason. hand to bring them into each other’s lives.

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Savanna and Griffin’s relationship is incredibly hot and spicy! I mean, the man is s3x on a stick and drools just looking at him (if you haven’t seen Griffin’s muse, go to the FB page and look for the picture of him). She’s beautiful, sassy, ​​and so realistic you wish she had an 11 toe or something. lol When the two finally come together, it’s like fireworks and so deliciously spicy and steamy.

This book truly took me on a roller coaster of emotions. I laughed, I cried, I got angry, I got jealous, my heart was broken and put back together, I passed out and much more. The twists and suspense in this book will make you sit back and say, oh boy, and think that Brittney is a genius for writing this phenomenal book!

I had a hard time putting this book down because I had to figure out what next line or sarcastic comment Savanna would say to make Griffin cranky. I must say that you may need to keep your box of tissues handy because this book will make you cry. I don’t want to give anything away, but this book wonderfully honors the memory and the man that Marcus Vasquez was.

I saw those easter eggs in the book and O.M.G. I truly can’t wait for the other books in the series!!! Is it too early for Tuesday previews of the next book in the series?

I’ve only read one book in this series and I’m already in love. Give me the promise of a sweet and spicy story about how brooding alpha males fall for beautiful women in the face of danger and let Brittney write it and that’s all it takes to get me hooked with a click for life. I’m so happy I found her books when I did and I can’t get enough of them and the characters in them.

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The Hunted is the first book in a fantastic new spin-off series and it raises the bar with romance, suspense and action, and an all-new cast of swoons. Some characters are new, others we’ve met before, and I was excited that he decided to start with Savanna, the widow of one of the characters in his Stealth Ops series. She wrote The Perfect Man for her when Griffin came up with it too.

Savanna, unaware of it, is drawn into a very dangerous situation by the brother of her late husband. The new Falcon Security team, led by Carter Dominick and Gray Chandler, step in to protect her after an attempted kidnapping and try to get to the bottom of the situation. Griffin is assigned to protect her after a second attempt is made to reach her and they escape from her to an off-grid location. That’s where the sparks fly.

Savanna is surprised that she is attracted to a man for the first time since the death of her husband. Griffin has avoided relationships her entire life, and though he tries to keep things professional, it’s impossible. On the run from forces trying to reach Savanna, the guys from Falcon Security head from Alabama to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea to uncover the truth and neutralize the danger Savanna was in.

Every once in a while I start an audiobook that I can’t stop listening to and I was so enthralled by this story that I alternated between the listening and the reading to get to the end of this amazing story. I LOVE this new series that Brittney has created and I can’t wait! Savanna was a strong heroine ready to face any new situation. Griffin was a charming if reluctant Alpha who retained his Operator status despite being confused by his bond with Savanna.

As a bonus, the narrators Tyler Johnson and Ava Lucas were absolutely amazing. With the perfect Southern twist, they brought gravitas and humor to this gripping, action-packed book!

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