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Stolen By A Sinner book pdf download for free or read online, also Stolen By A Sinner pdf was written by Michelle Heard.

Michelle Heard is a USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon bestselling romance writer. She writes emotional and heartbreaking stories with a lot of Mafia & Romance that will make you smile with satisfaction. Each book has an unexpected twist that shows the strength of the characters who must fight for her HEA.

BookStolen By A Sinner
AuthorMichelle Heard
Size1.1 MB

Stolen By A Sinner Book PDF download for free

Stolen By A Sinner Book PDF download for free

From USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Michelle Heard, a new standalone full-length novel about the Turkish mob.

Stolen By A Sinner Book Pdf Download

Author Michelle Heard’s heroes are invariably deadly and demanding. They will bring death to those who deserve it and treat unfairly those who do them good. His men are wild and beautiful, and now Gabriel Demir is among them in STOLEN BY A SINNER.

We met him in Sinners Book 2, POSESION OF A SINNER, where Liam Byrne had more to do with the stoic Turkish mob leader than the other priesthood leaders. Gabriel was seeking revenge and had worked hard on his way to power to avenge the death of his parents. The romantic character of him; Honestly, my heart raced stupidly as he developed previously unknown feelings of protection and compassion for the woman that confused him to no end.

Since her mother’s death at the age of 12, Lara had not known there was such a thing as kindness or mercy, and her learning curve was heartbreaking but inspiring. Mrs. Heard had a huge conspiracy woven around her character and I didn’t see it coming.

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Like many of her books I’ve read, they remain exciting and unpredictable, and I swear I love each one more than the last, which the stats for her books also prove. She is not a high achiever and she is firmly entrenched in the best selling sections of Amazon. She is a must read author if you like darker, edgier books with a devastating soul. She will break your heart and then put it back together.

Lara also had to be one of the most positive female personalities I’ve met in a long time, seriously, and the only one who believed that getting shot was an absolute gift that gave her new life! It had been a painful and tortuous existence in a home where life was routinely extinguished at the whim of a deranged tyrant.

When she showed care and love, she thrived, and for me, along with a great cast of supporting characters, that was the best part of the book. Women who would straighten another woman’s crown before she realized she was crooked. From the unseen victim to protecting the older women in Gabriel’s life, she absolutely adored her and what a Cinderella story it was.

I was also rewarded with cameos from the heroes that she absolutely loved. At the mention of the names, I was reminded of each book and story surrounding the couple, adding to the euphoric sense of delight I already had with all the history Mrs. Heard had amassed in STOLEN. The dark banter between our seasoned assassins must be read to appreciate, and I was delighted to see these honorable charismatic men again.

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As a member of the Underworld Priesthood, Gabriel had previously done these men a favor and now it is time for him to ask them for information and manpower. The testosterone fair emanated from the virtual pages of my Kindle and I enjoyed every minute of it. They are so alpha that they would do anything for the women in their lives, and they are man enough to own it.

In closing, Ms. Heard wrote such a beautiful moment where a gift of redemption and peace meant so much to a character that I couldn’t help but cry. What amazing writing and what an amazing book. He deserves all the damn stars!!

Lara Nowak, a servant of the Polish mob boss, met Gabriel Demir, the Turkish mob boss, during a shootout – literally! From then on, her life and his changed monumentally.

My heart was very sorry for Lara for everything she had to endure, she was such a strong young woman with a very simple outlook on life that she was quite miserable with her life. Was bumping into Gabriel the best thing that could have happened to her? Well, I’ll let you read the book and find out, but I will say that Gabriel was gruff, demanding, but affectionate with his own family, quite a complex man in some ways, but then again, he was the boss of the mob.

This fast-paced story with its fantastic action scenes, incredible drama, and emotional writing style seemed to fly by so quickly. It was very hard for me to put it down and I was completely captivated throughout the entire book.

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These characters were great including the supporting ones, Nisa was an absolute favorite and I would even love a short story about her and other characters. I think one of the highest compliments I can give an author is to say that I long for more words about her characters because I immersed myself so much in the story.

This story was about second chances at life, a Cinderella story in a way, but the evil was much, much worse. Ultimately though, it was a wonderful romance that captures your heart and leaves you feeling euphoric.

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