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Oath Of Possession book pdf download for free or read online, also Oath Of Possession pdf was written by Jane Henry.

USA Today bestselling author Jane Henry writes fierce but loving alpha heroes, feisty heroines and happily ever after, driven by emotion. She writes what she likes to read: perversion with a delicate touch. Jane is a hopeless romantic living on the East Coast with a house full of children and her own Prince Charming.

BookOath Of Possession
AuthorJane Henry
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Oath Of Possession Book PDF download for free

Oath Of Possession Book PDF download for free

Vivia Montavio is a traitor and it is my job to see to her punishment and interrogation.
What a tragedy.

She’s the sexiest girl I’ve ever seen with that defiant chin and eyes that sparkle with wit and boldness. I love a good challenge.

We are left with few choices when the truth comes out.
So I take her far, far away to La Cabina, a rustic cabin in the middle of nowhere.
To… interrogate her.
Discover the truth.

But when I find out more than she bargained for, she’s not the only one to blame.
‘Cause now that we’re alone, I’ll take what I want.
The truth.
his innocence.

She is in danger, but now there is only one way to protect her:
Claim her as mine.
hold her captive
Possess her.

And there’s no one left that can protect her from me.

Oath Of Possession Book Pdf Download

Oath of Possession by Jane Henry is the sixth novel in the Deviant Doms series, a dark mob romance centered around the Rossi family living in the Boston area on the east coast. This novel begins right in the action with Dario DeRocco, capo of the Rossi Mafia family, in a car with two prisoners: Vivia Montavio, younger sister of the Mantavio brothers and cousin of the Rossi family; and her male “acquaintance” Gary.

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Dario is stuck in traffic with two prisoners and receives a call from Romeo informing him that the trip home (the castle) will take three hours. Dario wonders if they were being followed, so Dario calls Orlando and looks for a place off the grid to house his prisoners until the traffic stops. Orlando suggests his restaurant, Eatalia, which is closed but has a meat cabinet that can be locked from the outside, making it useful for interrogating prisoners. Dario has observed Gary and Vivia’s interaction, both because of his work and a personal factor towards Vivia.

Gary appears cold to Vivia and insinuates that she prepared the whole plan to kidnap Marialena Rossi. In contrast, Vivia is shocked and genuinely angry at Gary’s accusation. This irritates Dario, but as he continues his interrogation, he reacts angrily by hitting Gary several times.

Vivia starts crying that she would never hurt her cousin Marialena who is part of the family. Dario is interrupted by a phone call telling him to hurry because someone is after them. He quickly exits the restaurant, throwing Gary in the back seat and putting Vivia in the front seat next to him.

As Dario maneuvers the car through Boston traffic, they try to escape when gunshots blast the vehicle. Some shots ricochet as it is an armored car. Dario switches places with Vivia and lets her drive while he starts shooting at the three cars that are following them. Some stray dogs break through the weak points in the glass and hit Gary’s head.

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Vivia doesn’t have a road to drive due to construction, so she and Dario are forced to flee on foot while he protectively pushes her behind him. He killed nine men but there are still three left. Then Dario is grazed by a shot in the head. Three men disarm Darío and Vivia is stunned with a shot in the neck.

When they wake up, Dario and Vivia find themselves prisoners in an unknown location near the water, probably on a dock. As they orient themselves, they activate the transponder that Vivia has attached to her clothing. Orlando soon arrives and rescues her from her captors. They put Vivia in Orlando’s vehicle with Dario, where they handcuff her and blindfold her.

Orlando tells his cousin that the charges against her are serious and that the Montavios and Rossi are not happy with her. Vivia knows full well how precarious her current situation is when she finds herself left with Dario in a rustic cabin in an unknown location in the woods while the Montavios and Rossi believe that she and Dario are dead.

Dario soon begins questioning Vivia, beginning with some personal questions about her life with the Montavio family. I preface his questions with the fact that it’s important that she be absolutely honest with him. Dario does his interrogation “job” assigned to him by the Rossi family, but slowly Dario begins to feel protective, friendly, and lustful towards Vivia, his supposed prisoner. Over the next few days, their troubled relationship begins to morph into something more primitive and loving.

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Both are in conflict. Vivia knows that Dario is a dangerous man in the Rossi Mafia and is there to do her “job”. Darío knows that Vivia has serious problems with her family and that they “disinherited” her because of Marialena’s kidnapping plot. However, he worries about what the Montavios will do when they find out that Vivia passed her virginity to Gary, a guy who just used it. Without her virginity, she is no longer of “value” to the Montavio family; As a result, she will most likely be married off to someone who cares little about her happiness. That thought worries Darío.

Before future plans and actions can be discussed, there is a major twist in the plot that changes everything. As a master weaver, Jane Henry weaves her characters into a complex and dangerous storyline. Although his words will hold you spellbound, you will be mesmerized as you read.

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