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Longshadow book pdf download for free or read online, also Longshadow pdf was written by Olivia Atwater.

AuthorOlivia Atwater
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Longshadow Book PDF download for free

Longshadow Book PDF download for free

Decent Regency ladies shouldn’t be magicians, but Miss Abigail Wilder is anything but decent.

Marriageable young women in London are mysteriously dying, and Abigail Wilder tries to find out why. Abigail’s father, Lord Sorcier of England, believes a dark fae lord is involved, but although Abigail is willing to use her magic against Lord Longshadow, neither her father nor the barrel believe she is capable.

Luckily, Abigail isn’t the only one investigating the horrifying events in London. Mercy, a street rat and self-taught magician, insists on teaming up with Abigail to solve the mystery. But while Mercy’s own magic is strange and terrifying, it may well pose an even greater threat to Abigail’s heart.

Longshadow Pdf Download

From the author of HALF A SOUL comes a queer fairy tale romance filled with love and defiant hope. Select LONGSHADOW and return once more to Olivia Atwater’s enchanting and magical version of Regency England.

Longshadow is the highly anticipated third book in the Regency Faerie Tales series by Olivia Atwater, an author who quickly became one of my favorite authors of the past year. While everyone else writes historical novels steeped in a dark academic aesthetic, Atwater quietly forges his own distinctive style for others to follow… something I like to call dark fantasy.

Totally brazen, in her Regency fantasy world…she’s never afraid to confront the extremely dark issues that were real issues for people in her chosen era. It’s no easy feat to discuss things like insane asylums from the point of view of truth in a historical fantasy novel, without downplaying their horrific impact on the lives of those who passed through them or spoiling the whole mood of the story… is no easy feat , but she made it does. so eloquent that it sounds easy.

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Each book holds a special place in my heart for different reasons. The emotional makeup and psychology of the female leads varies dramatically due to some very specific backgrounds and I adore each and every one of them.

Watching Abigail slowly discover who she is…as a young woman and as a sorceress…is a treat. As always, the magical structure is interesting and as diverse as the characters in the series. The fairies are not one size fits all, but have a distinctive texture and Mr Jubilee remains an absolute delight, even in brief appearances.

I love the way Atwater takes ideas of the supernatural that we’ve known for generations, turns them into innate biases that mirror those with real-world connotations, and then tears them to pieces…as if to say… “Look… things aren’t always what they seem!

This book is the third in a loosely connected series of Regency Faerie Tales. It started with Half a Soul, continued with Ten Thousand Stitches and now Longshadow. The setting is Regency London with its high society, orphanages and homes. Magic isn’t common, but it exists. This London has beaten roads to the Faelands. Our heroine in this story is Abigail Wilder, daughter of Lord Sorcier and his wife Dora from the first book. Abigail is a young woman still working her magic and learning who she is as an adult. When young women in the best of health begin to die, she begins to investigate.

The story is full of lush images. (I loved the dance in Kensington Gardens). It is suitable for fairy tale lovers, including young adult readers. Part of Abigail’s transition into adulthood is her first romance with another young woman. Romance is still fairly chaste and handled with care, as any first romance should be. Half a Soul and Ten Thousand Stitches were more entertaining to me, but that may be because they were the earlier introduction to this created world that is now becoming more familiar.

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