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One Bossy Proposal book pdf download for free or read online, also One Bossy Proposal pdf was written by Nicole Snow.

Nicole Snow, a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author, began writing romance novels to escape office politics. Ella Today she writes about powerful alpha males and irresistible bad guys, and delivers some of the hottest romances to hit the shelves.

Fan favorites of hers include her MC Grizzlies series, Deadly Pistols and Prairie Devils, and PRINCE WITH BENEFITS. Snow’s style ranges from suspenseful to sweet, and there is always something that swoons in her works.

Nicole Snow is a Wall Street Journal and an USA Today bestselling author. She discovered her love for writing by spilling lunchtime love scenes and planning her grand escape from the boardroom. Her work burst onto the indie romance scene in 2014 with her series Grizzlies MC. Since then, Snow has striven for the best in golden alpha hero growls, incredible suspense, and swoons galore. With more than a million books sold, she lives for the joy of making two people fight with all their souls for a happily ever after.

BookOne Bossy Proposal
AuthorNicole Snow
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One Bossy Proposal Book PDF download for free

One Bossy Proposal Book PDF download for free

Wall Street Journal bestselling author Nicole Snow returns with a hilarious office romance in which two archenemies who drive each other crazy pretend they’re madly in love.

Enemies-to-lovers long-running romance filled with Oh-Ohs. Office pranks, bakery shenanigans, slow-burning spices, plus a rough suit he might stop stomping on long enough to realize she’s head over heels in love.

One Bossy Proposal Book Pdf Download

This book appears to be the first in a new series in Seattle about bossy billionaires. It follows the series based on Chicago Bad Chicago Bosses. Although this Seattle story is somewhat similar, it has a slightly different feel. It is more character-driven than previous stories. There are far fewer dangers and big plot twists.

The heroine of this story is from the Dallas, North Dakota, home of the Knights of the Dallas series. Her name, Dakota, is a reminder of her birth roots. Dakota’s friend, Rachel “Shelly” Simon, married Weston McKnight, the enterprising local mechanic, last year. Her story is told in the fourth book of The Worst Best Friend series.

Sweeter Grind is a new coffee shop in Montana that is very popular in Seattle and elsewhere. It’s the brainchild of two sisters, and people can’t get enough of their famous Regis scones. This dates back to the Heroes of Heart’s Edge series. Book three, No named Broken Beast, is the very emotional story of Leo “Nine” Regis and Clarissa Bell.

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Lincoln’s friend Wyatt spent a year or two at the Heart’s Edge in the Lincoln’s youth. Spending time and exploring the mines with his friends certainly brings back old memories of all the good oddities that ultimately made the little town so famous in the Heroes of Heart’s Edge series.


This story begins in Seattle in the spring.

Dakota Poe, twenty-four, has a lot of attitude. The jaded blonde beauty has a super cute side, but she also has a strong vivacious streak that just can’t be tamed. This is likely to be the case in the last year in particular. She recently have moved to the Seattle and hopes to make it her forever home. She is from Dallas, North Dakota. Many of Dallas’ youth are eventually moving on to larger cities, but until last spring, Dakota hoped to stay.

She had plans until Jay Foyt broke her heart and shattered her dreams of a happily ever after. She never showed up on her own wedding day. She was abandoned and humiliated in a small town difficult to bear. She no longer believes in love, so she works on her career. She jumped at the chance when she was offered a job in Seattle, but the pay is low and the work is not rewarding. So she is looking for something better.

Dakota loves to write and, like her distant relative, she has a penchant for poetry. Being related to Edgar Allen Poe has long drawn jokes, but she’s used to it. In a way, she shares the gloomy humor of her ancestors, but her talent speaks for itself. She won the Young National Poet’s Award while she was in school and hopes to eventually find more time to devote to her own poetry.

Thirty-two-year-old Lincoln Burns is the bossy billionaire CEO of Haughty But Nice, a luxury fashion empire. His focus is on quality and they tend to avoid exaggerated designs. He took over when his mother retired shortly after his father’s death. It is a family business whose mother still owns the majority of the shares. He drops by from time to time, but is careful not to interfere.

Lincoln got over his pain and hasn’t stopped since. He brought modern business ideas to the job and it paid off. His latest project is the launch of a bridal line. If they are successful, it becomes a lucrative addition to his offer. But the company isn’t cheap, so it’s also a big risk. Marketing will be fundamental to its success.

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Aside from grieving his father’s death, Lincoln’s workaholic tendencies have a few other motivations. His best friend, Wyatt Emory, is no longer the same man he used to be. Wyatt had been in love with his wife, Olivia, when he and Lincoln were sent to Mosul a decade ago, and that love destroyed him when he returned home changed by the experience. It’s been a rocky road for Wyatt ever since he left the Marines and witnessed the death of the man to whom he owes his life, Lincoln realized that the power of love can ruin a man.

His own experience with love had been a disaster and he never wishes to repeat what he experienced as he planned to spend his life with Regina Swann. Even the perfect marriage of his parents had a lesson for him. He didn’t particularly care to endure the kind of loss he witnessed when his mother experienced it after the loss of her husband of forty years.

Lincoln has decided that work, not love, is a more valuable use of time, and he has found purpose in Haughty But Nice. He feels responsible for his employees who depend on him for their pay. He left relationships years ago, much to the chagrin of his mother. He only does one-nighters, but he hasn’t been interested in them for a long time. His mother worries that his only child will never give him grandchildren.

When Lincoln makes his usual stop at Sweeter Grind for his famous role as Regis, he panics when he finds out that they are sold out. The last roll went to a woman in front of him in the line, so it should be an easy fix. When the little firecracker rejects her attempts to get her to give up the treat, he finally walks away from her in disgust.

When he shows up for an interview for the copywriter a few days later to help launch the new wedding line, he expects her to fire her quickly. However, despite his prickly nature and his tendency to argue, he seems to impress the rest of his team. Before he notices him, he offers to pay him top dollar to take the job.

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When Lincoln and Dakota begin a combative working relationship, his chemistry is probably obvious to everyone but themselves. no one is looking for a relationship. Dakota still has the self-doubts that have plagued her since they broke up last spring, and Lincoln will never commit to more than one night of passion.

He has well-kept secrets that he doesn’t want to share, but Dakota takes matters into her own hands. As circumstances bring them closer together, her walls slowly begin to crumble. But there are rules against an office relationship, so you’ll have to get creative if you want to try it. The couple finally deserves a very happy ending.

So far there’s no sign of this book becoming a series, but Dakota’s neighbor and friend seems ready for a story of her own. Eliza dreams of one day opening a coffee shop, Liza’s Love, and spends all of her free time perfecting recipes for her coffee and baked goods.

Lincoln and Dakota’s romance is a heartbreaking story with a Seattle setting. It’s about the homeless population and the plight of veterans. It’s also about betrayal and self-control. Both have experienced rejection and humiliation, and their trust in each other has been affected. They really spend a lot of time pushing each other. His story is a bit slow.

Dakota is energetic and entertaining, and the Poe theme adds a playful element to the story. Lincoln is usually grumpy but well-intentioned. He is easily misunderstood. He is affectionately close to his mother, who gives him unsolicited advice. He’s been hiding feelings from him for years, so he’s kind of a ticking time bomb.

The Lincoln and Dakota Romance is a great story of broken hearts and bossy billionaires. By my count, there are sixteen laugh-out-loud moments, as well as two tearful scenes. The book is beautifully written. It seems a bit less polished than the norm for this author. There are some confusing spots on the timeline.

There are also the occasional confusing sentences or passages that made me want to read it again. Still, there are all the great jokes and references you could hope for. At last it began to drag; It looked like it might have been shortened. The plot is quite simple. The story is driven by characters. Lincoln and Dakota are well defined and three dimensional. The POV alternates between Lincoln and Dakota.

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