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Every Chance With You book pdf download for free or read online, also Every Chance With You pdf was written by Lexi Ryan.

BookEvery Chance With You
AuthorLexi Ryan
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Every Chance With You Book PDF download for free

Every Chance With You Book PDF download for free

When I met Alec Hayes in Las Vegas, I thought I’d stumbled upon a love affair with the man of my dreams. Alec is sexy, confident and charming. Our night together was filled with laughter and the kind of kisses that made me believe in fate for the first time in years.

Until I flew to Los Angeles to surprise Alec and met the unnamed half-brother he confessed to despising.

But I recognize Oliver Rhett when I see him.

Oliver is the reason I stopped believing in fate. It was my first love and also my first heartbreak. And now he’s the reason that I can’t be with Alec.

It’s not fair to give a man the pieces of my heart when Oliver would always be there to remind me that he still has the rest.

But when Alec really needs a favor, I really can’t turn my back on him. Even if it means falling in love with her gentle charm a little more every day. Even if it means facing Oliver and also remembering exactly how brazenly he stole my heart.

my plan is to leave I can’t make this family feud any worse. But I didn’t know how hard a broken heart can fall.

Every Chance With You book is the 4 novel in the Orchid Valley series. All of these books can be read independently, but you’ll enjoy reading them as a series!

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Every Chance With You Book Pdf Download

I loved Lexi Ryan’s Every Chance with You, the fourth story in her Orchid Valley series. It was an amazing story filled with everything I love about sizzling love stories. I loved every page and was unable to put it down. Every book in the Orchid Valley series just keeps getting better and better. Lexi Ryan proved once again that she is a wonderful storyteller and Every Chance with You did not disappoint.

I love that he writes his stories in the first person from the perspective of the main characters. I really love knowing what the main characters are thinking and feeling. My favorite moments in Every Chance with You are the lighter moments where I had to smile and laugh out loud. I also love the parts that tug at my heart and make me gasp as I read the heartbreaking moments. Every Chance with You is packed with all of that and more.

Every Chance with You is the love story of the love triangle between Savannah “Savvy” Downing, a fitness trainer, and half-brothers Oliver Rhett and Alec Hayes. Savvy and Oliver met at college, where Oliver was completing his MBA and selling his car to pay off Savvy’s brother’s gambling debt. Rhett gives Savvy a place to live, and Savvy agrees to help Rhett find something owned by a “silver fox”. While living together, they begin a relationship that Savvy knows will not last as she knows Oliver will continue once he completes his MBA.

Once Savvy finds everything that belongs to Oliver in the chest, she hands it over to him and walks away from him. When she returns to speak to Oliver a few days later, she learns that he has moved on. Years later, Savvy travels to Las Vegas to celebrate her best friend Brinley Knox’s birthday. There, Brinley reunites with Marston Rowe her first love. Marston is in Las Vegas with his partner Alec Hayes. Savvy and Alec spend time together in Las Vegas, but Savvy is unsure if she sees a future between them. Three months later, Savvy shows up at Alec’s door in lingerie and a trench coat and is surprised when Oliver answers the door.

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Savvy walks away, remembering Alec commenting on his relationship with his brother, and not wanting to come between them. Savvy hasn’t seen Oliver or Alec since. Savvy applied for a job to grow her fitness business. During the interview process, Savvy states that she has a fiancé and that the owners want him when she visits their Los Angeles location. Alec overhears Savvy’s dilemma and volunteers to be her fiancé if she is willing to play his friend as her sister Rose at the wedding at The Orchid so her mother doesn’t set him up on a date. Alec gives Savvy a ring to wear during their meeting, similar to the one they saw together in Las Vegas.

He forgot to take it off when meeting Alec’s family, and his family assumes they are engaged. I loved this story! Lexi Ryan made me guess who Savvy would choose for her lover. While Savvy spends time with Oliver and Alec, Savvy shares her secrets and insecurities, making her vulnerable to them. Oliver and Alec really share their own insecurities with Savvy. There’s a surprising plot twist that I haven’t seen, and it changes everything for Savvy. I love it when Savvy gets honest about her true feelings for the man she chooses and opens up in the heartbreaking and emotionally charged dialogue between the two.

Every Chance with You felt like a family reunion and a meeting with all the other characters from the other books in the series. I love the characters in Every Chance with You; You feel like family. I enjoy all of the interactions between the characters, it feels like true family love and makes me laugh at their teasing. I love the changes Savvy has been able to make to herself with the help and encouragement of her friends Alec and Oliver.

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I love how a secret that destroyed Oliver and Alec’s relationship is revealed and Oliver and Alec’s candid conversation about the misunderstanding. Each Sweet Revenge is packed with all the elements I’ve come to love and expect from Lexi Ryan’s stories. I love the bittersweet and heartwarming moments, as well as the unexpected plot twists.

Every Chance with You was a wonderful story that is both heartbreaking and moving, and a beautifully written tribute to Savvy. She’s really a very strong female character and I love her because she’s sich loves herself and makes her dreams come true. Love how it all works and that Savvy makes her happy forever with her husband and the surprising discovery at the end. I highly recommend this love triangle.

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