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Eyes On Me book pdf download for free or read online, also Eyes On Me pdf was written by Sara Cate.

Sara Cate is one of USA Today’s bestselling authors of passionate romance and sexy book buddies. Despite writing a wide range of tropes, Sara is best known for their age difference and taboo romances. One thing to expect from your entire collection is lots of steam and lots of fear.

Sara lives in Arizona with her husband and children and spends most of her time reading, writing or baking.

Sara Cate writes contemporary romance about bikers, bad boys, hunks and wimps all rolled into one.
She has a soft spot for the redemption stories and the forbidden romance.

BookEyes On Me (Salacious Plyer’s Club book 2)
AuthorSara Cate
Size1.5 MB

Eyes On Me Book PDF download for free

Eyes On Me Book PDF download for free

I’m a voyeur, which means I like to watch.

And in my industry, that’s a gift.

As one of four Salacious Players’ Club owners, I feel comfortable on the sidelines. This is what I was made for, and I work best alone.

Until the day I stumbled across a certain camgirl app and staring at one person I should never have been staring at: my stepsister.

There are three major problems with this.

First of all, Mia and I hate each other.

Second, she has no idea that I’m the man on the other end of the video.

And third… I’m addicted to the app and her.

Now Mia makes me want and do things I said I would never do again like opening up and cuddling. I fall in love with her, but she falls in love with the mysterious man I say I am.

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If I want to do this right, then I have to do more than just watch.

But how far will I go to get their eyes on me?

Eyes On Me Book Pdf Download

Eyes on Me focuses on Garrett and Mia. They have been step-siblings for a long time, but Mia has a one-sided attraction to her step-brother. At least, she thinks she is, until Garrett notices her rush. Could this be the turning point he always wished for but never thought possible, or would Garrett drive even more distance between them?

When it comes to steamy yet emotionally compelling stories, Sara Cate never disappoints.

I love Garrett and Mia. I’m a broken hero fan and Garrett accepts that role. He’s hot, sassy, ​​and sexy, but beneath the Operator’s smooth surface is something dark and broken. But mine! Although I’m younger, I love his confidence and assertiveness. She’s certainly not a shy flower, and I really enjoyed how her strength and light complemented Garrett’s vulnerability and darkness very well.

And the spice. It’s definitely a Sara Cate book because the racy scenes were searing. Keep a large bottle of water handy because the thirst is genuine from Garrett and Mia’s bedroom adventures (or lack thereof).

This is Book Two of the Salacious Players Club series and while we may see the main characters from Book 1 and other characters for future books, this read can definitely stand on its own. However, I would be remiss not to recommend reading Praise, which was also a fantastic read. Emerson and Charlotte play an important supporting role in this read as support systems for Garrett and Mia, respectively. I enjoy reading more about the deep friendship between Garrett and Emerson and was so fortunate to have Mia join the small but growing circle of friends of Charlotte and Eden fit.

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Please check the content warning before proceeding. If you are looking for a super sexy read that will tug at your heart then look no further than this book.

After reading Praise so much and falling in love with it, I couldn’t ask for more from this world! As soon as the Eyes On Me was announced, it became the one of my most anticipated reads of the year! I was so happy to hear more of Mrs Cate’s words. I had to jump right in and dive back into the world of Salacious Players’ Club! I loved!

Oh my book loving heart, how I loved being back in the world of Salacious Players’ Club!

Garrett and Mia’s journey grabbed me from the start and never let go! When Garrett meets his stepsister in a camgirl app, nothing will be the same. These two got under each other’s skin and I couldn’t wait to see how it all turned out for them.

The chemistry between Mia and Garrett was so attractive it made me blush! I so enjoyed getting into their minds and digging deeper with these two. There are layers between these two that I was delighted to discover.

Sometimes you’re lucky enough to open a book and meet a character who touches your soul and speaks to your heart. That’s exactly what I found with Garrett. This man touched me on such a deep level and completely stole my heart.

Sometimes you’re lucky enough to open a book and meet a character that gets into your heart and that you love so much. Mia reminded me to hug myself and love myself.

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I loved Garrett and Mia so much! I couldn’t get enough of them and how they made me feel all kinds of emotions at all times!

It was great to be back in this world and meeting all my favorites! I also loved the stepbrother/stepsister and age difference aspects of this story!

With Eyes On Me, Ms.Cate has created a totally addictive read that brought heat and sensation! This book lives up to the praise for me because not only is it one of my favorite reads of 2022, it’s one of my favorite reads of all time! She continues to bring a breath of fresh air to every Salacious Players Club book! I’m counting down the days to Part 3 of Give Me More of My Life!

Once you start reading, you won’t want to put it down! Trust me I had to finish it in one sitting. Indecipherable!

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