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This Place Of Wonder book pdf download for free or read online, also This Place Of Wonder pdf was written by Barbara O’Neal.

Barbara O’Neal is an American romance novelist who has written over forty books under various pen names.

O’Neal’s books include The Lost Recipe for Happiness, How to Make a Perfect Life, The Goddesses of Kitchen Avenue, and Lady Luck’s Map of Las Vegas.

O’Neal has written women’s fiction under the names Barbara O’Neal and Barbara Samuel, historical and contemporary romance directed by Barbara Samuel and Ruth Wind, and new adult romance directed by Lark O’Neal.

O’Neal began her career writing Harlequin Silhouette. As Ruth Wind, she has published over twenty contemporary romance novels and won two RITA Awards in the genre. Under the name Barbara Samuel, she has written seven historical romance novels and won a 1998 RITA for her book Heart of a Knight.

In year 2000, O’Neal began writing women’s fiction under the name Barbara Samuel and published five books under that name before switching her women’s fiction titles under the Barbara O’Neal name. Set primarily in her home states of Colorado or New Mexico, these books cover themes of food, second chances, and cross-generational stories about women. [citation needed] She has won three RITA Awards for her novel work about women, earning her induction into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame, into which she was inducted in 2012.

O’Neal has won the RITA Award seven times and has been nominated for seven others. Her books have also won two Colorado Book Awards and been named Favorite Book of the Year by the Romance Writers of America, a Target Book Club Selection and one of Library Journal’s Best Books.

As new adult romance emerged as a new genre in year 2013, O’Neal began writing as Lark O’Neal and later that same year launched her first new adult series, Going the Distance.

BookThis Place Of Wonder
AuthorBarbara O’Neal

This Place Of Wonder Book PDF download for free

This Place Of Wonder Book PDF download for free

Following personal tragedy, four women confront their pasts, their futures and each other in a novel of broken bonds and healing from the best-selling author of When We Believed in Mermaids.

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When famed chef Augustus Beauvais dies, he leaves behind a celebrated reputation and four women grappling with loss, anger, grief, and how the world will change without him…

Meadow, the ex-wife with whom Augustus built an empire and family, still has a place for him in her heart even as he continues to struggle with his infidelity that ended their twenty-year marriage.

More relentless is Maya, her estranged daughter who recently got out of rehab but is finally ready to get her life back on track. Norah, his last girlfriend, gave up her own career for unexpected love and a life of luxury, both of which are now over with Augustus. And then there’s Rory, Meadow’s daughter, the voice of calm and sanity in a chorus of dissatisfaction.

United by tragedy, grief, and mysteries yet to be unraveled, Meadow, Maya, Norah, and Rory must come to terms with the legacy of great intentions and poor choices that Augustus bequeathed to them. And when the circumstances surrounding his death are questioned, his mixed feelings become even more complicated. But moving forward is the only option they have and to do so they must rely on family, friendship and inner strength.

Set on the stunning and rugged California coast, This Place of Wonder is an emotional, exuberant and powerful story of four women finding their way in a changed world, and what a wonderful journey that will be.

This Place Of Wonder Book Pdf Download

The story is told in three POVs: Maya, Meadow and Norah. Mayas was the most compelling, Meadows was the one I most identified with, and I had a hard time feeling anything positive about Norah.

Maya is almost out of rehab when she finds out Augustus is dead. They had been estranged for a decade, so his death leaves all sorts of unfinished business. Messy and sharp-tongued, Maya was obviously confused at having to continue with her father without a degree.

Meadow is one of those guys who wants to fix things. She fell in love with Augustus at the age of 19, and even after writing her own hits and being divorced for a decade, she’s still deeply involved in his life. He loves his children, but has a hard time accepting boundaries.

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Norah came to California to interview Meadow for a book he was writing and instead fell in love with Augustus and lived with him for the last months of his life. Unattached after his death, she decides to investigate Meadow’s past and write her book. The fact that she was trying to dig into someone’s past without being invited really pissed me off, why was that any of her business?

Even dead, Augustus figured prominently throughout history. A great personality, loads of charisma, but he left a lot of dysfunctions.

Since this is a Barbara O’Neal book, there’s the beautiful and dangerous California coast, lots of delicious-sounding food, and some gardening. I’ve gotten used to expecting it and always look forward to reading about it.

In her latest novel, This Place of Wonder, Barbara O’Neal poignantly captures the nature of grief, the pain of belonging, and the powerful effect that hope and time can have on both.

Celebrity chef Augustus Beauvais dies unexpectedly, leaving behind two daughters, an ex-wife, a girlfriend and a defunct empire. The women mourning his death are Meadow, his ex-wife; Maya, his daughter from his first marriage; Rory, her stepdaughter and Meadow’s daughter; and Norah, a friend who quit her career to live with him. Their paths are most intertwined with the ongoing police investigation into Augustus’ death. This novel is an in-depth character study of three of these women and a bit of the difficult man who binds them together.

Each woman must overcome her own trauma and pain while answering questions from the police. As a recovering alcoholic, Maya wonders what her death and lack of pain mean for her recovery. Norah is struggling financially and needs to find her way back. Meadow tries to be there for her two daughters, Maya and Rory, who question her methods. These characters are intricately developed, which makes them feel real and relatable, and their pain hits the reader a little harder.

As always, O’Neal takes the reader on an emotional and turbulent journey that leaves the reader with a sense of hope, but also with many thought-provoking questions. This place of wonder stays with you, the characters live in your mind as you play the storyline over and over again. It’s definitely eligible.

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The plot is moderately fast-paced, as the characters’ inner growth and their outward actions show how trauma and their respective pasts mix with and affect their present. Told from alternating points of view by Maya, Meadow and Norah, each character has a high stake and their emotional growth really drives the storyline, with the police investigation into the death driving the external storyline. It combines into the kind of book you just don’t want to put down, both because you want to know what happens next and because you enjoy sitting down with these characters.

There are several areas of representation that this novel treats beautifully. The control and effects of alcoholism on the sufferer and the people who love them were brilliantly portrayed, and in a way that was realistic without being triggering (although this will vary based on personal experience of the subject). Also, grief and how it can reveal itself when relationships are complicated was incredibly well done. The complicated parenting relationship really stood out as particularly apt. It was nice to see the mixed nature of Meadow and Augustus’ family, as well as their relationship with both daughters, regardless of biological ancestry.

In general, books with letters from dead fathers to their daughters break my heart every time. This book made me cry in that sense, but if that’s not a personal touchstone, it may affect you otherwise. However, I imagine it’s hard to leave this book without feeling. These characters feel so real and the events that occur are so possible that they probably won’t leave without processing emotions. But that’s no problem! I personally love books that touch me.

This place of wonder strikes that beautiful and elusive balance between feeling real and leaving the reader with a sense of hope. It is further evidence of Barbara O’Neal’s mastery of creating realistic, easy-to-read and relatable books.

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