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Midnight Oath book pdf download for free or read online, also Midnight Oath pdf was written by Naomi West.

She write dark, contemporary bad boy romances. Her heroes have dirty mouths, hot bodies, and the perfect combination of light and dark.

BookMidnight Oath
AuthorNaomi West
Size1 MB

Midnight Oath Book PDF download for free

Midnight Oath Book PDF download for free

MIDNIGHT OATH is the first book in the Tasarov Bratva duo by Naomi West, the best-selling mob romance thriller author. Adrik and Emery’s story continues in Book 2, MIDNIGHT LIES!

Midnight Oath Book Pdf Download

On the one hand…this book is sure to leave you guessing, guessing, guessing again. Just when you think you’ve resolved Adrik and Emery’s turbulent and stormy relationship, something else comes up. I gleaned a few bits from the subtle cues Naomi West gives to get you into the plot, which quickly thickens… but then she throws another curve ball and it’s like… “Wait a minute, what the heck is going on am online now?”

My main issue is the liking of the characters…don’t get me wrong, when Adrik isn’t in Bratva Don’s spooky mode he’s worthy of a dream, but it’s a side we don’t see very often and it’s mostly a short one fleeting glimpse and then it went off again like a switch. What I love about him is his apparent love for Emery’s daughter, Isabella. As much as he doesn’t want to admit it’s love… that’s exactly what it is. He adores her and her innocent six-year love for him melts the tough gangster ice cage around her heart.

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I like this? Actually I don’t know yet. And that’s why I think I have to read the second part to form my opinion about it.

It’s kind of hard to look past his treatment of Emery and everything he’s done to her. While we know he’s doing it out of his own fear of being hurt by love again… he’s brutal in his own way and that can be hard to ignore, even when he’s sweet and loving.

As for Emery… there are so many times I just wanted to yell at him for knowing how to shove Adrik and keep the monster at his door instead of playing along. She says she would do anything for her daughter, but a lot of times I say, “Shut up and stop bothering the damn bear!” She carries much of Adrik’s admonition, and while some may see her as strong, brave, and resilient, I sometimes find it difficult to see her as anything but stupid. Just talk… be honest… don’t gamble… and you won’t lose. But no…she doesn’t just push the wasp’s nest, she kicks it!

However, I love the plot. He’s intrigued and interested in loading the cube and I love the twists and turns he makes. Their difficult relationship obviously connects and supports this very well because you never know how either of them will react. I can’t wait to see how Adrik will react to finding out who Isabella’s father is… this will tear him apart.

And then there’s the cliffhanger ending. Does Adrik now can he see that Emery was just an innocent pawn in some dangerous game? Or will he let her go and still think she toyed with him every step of the way? I hope everything goes well for them… because I think I like them basically… even though they are frustrating and annoying… I can’t help but like them.

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