Download Facets Of Revolution [PDF] By T.A. White

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Facets Of Revolution book pdf download for free or read online, also Facets Of Revolution pdf was written by T.A. White.

BookFacets Of Revolution
AuthorT.A. White
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Facets Of Revolution Book PDF download for free

Facets Of Revolution Book PDF download for free

The line between the loyalty and the betrayal has really never been so fine.

In search of the woman who was once considered her best friend, Kira Forrest returns to the planet where she was born. When a near-fatal incident threatens her arrival, Ella Kira will see the secrets she’s worked so hard to hide begin to surface one by one.

Her only hope of controlling her destiny and protecting her loved ones is to embark on a dangerous rite of passage that may cost her far more than she is willing to pay. Because a hidden threat lurks in the shadows: she targets those closest to her.

With the help of her lover and the allies she has made, Kira must fight for her future and her past.

She approaches a reckoning. The phoenix must rise from its ashes to decide once and for all where it belongs.

Facets Of Revolution Book Pdf Download

She did it again. Every time I’m asked for a book recommendation, I inevitably end up with a T.A. white series. I find her books captivating of hers and I keep coming back to the worlds she creates.

The Firebird Chronicles could be my T.A. Favourite. be. White series (although I have a soft spot for the Aileen Travers series, check it out). It is absolutely one of my favorite book series of all time.

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This latest addition is really a wonderful continuation of the series. It has all the features I’ve come to expect from the series (humor, strong female characters, friendship, sprawling world building, and a bit of romance). We get to delve into one of my favorite characters, Jin, as well as the tensions and darker sides of the Tuann (one of the alien races from the books).

The characters remain multifaceted and complex and nothing is what it seems. We also meet another of the 43 (and maybe I’ll have a new contender for my favorite character in the series…maybe…there are so many great ones).

This is certainly a continuation of the story. You have to read the previous books to understand anything and I found myself on the second reading picking up things that I missed the first time. It’s action packed and I wouldn’t call it an easy read. Despite this, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and have already read it three times.

Warning, it ends on a cliffhanger like most T.A. books. white clothes For me, this makes me look forward to the next book once I’m done with the current one.

Although Facets of the Revolution is a stand-alone read, I recommend reading it in order. I read the first 3 books twice in preparation and each time it was like coming home with great characters/friends, rich world building and adventures. This book ends by leaving you drooling for the next part!

FoR offers insight into some of the biggest mysteries from Kira and Jin’s past and furthers our understanding of the Tuann and Tsavitee. This puts many of the early books into a deeper context, while also making the adventures in this book seem natural and even more meaningful. The world descriptions are rich and believable, and learning more about some of the lesser-explored characters feels like you’re expanding the family.

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Overall, the book delves into Kira’s story and that of her compatriots as it follows her attempts to establish herself as a mature, if disruptive, force in a Tuann society that doesn’t really understand her or her experiences, and how that has changed it. .

At the same time, the unique experiences of this tableau allow one to see and proactively respond to the political and military upheavals that go through the Tuann/Haldeel/Human alliance and the conflict with the Tsavitee that threaten all. While many of the mysteries of the first three books are revealed, the existence of more subtlety and complexity in the characters leaves you guessing what’s next and on the edge of your seat when the book ends on a cliffhanger.

I usually don’t like books that leave me with questions, but I wouldn’t have missed this for the world and will be enjoying the many reruns of the series on the horizon while I really wait for the next book!

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