Download The Society This Is War [PDF] By Ivy Smoak

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The Society This Is War book pdf download for free or read online, also The Society This Is War pdf was written by Ivy Smoak.

BookThe Society This Is War
AuthorIvy Smoak
Size1.9 MB

The Society This Is War Book PDF download for free

The Society This Is War Book PDF download for free

Ash and Chastity and ALL their craziness, awkwardness, and hype are back! Between the mystery of Tanner and Nigel (oh Nigel) and the utter cheekiness of The Society and Club Onyx, I loved this book. The story picks up right where he left off. Ash navigates… well… being Ash lol. She’s socially awkward, naive and adorable and you can’t help but be supportive of her and her love life.

She still has the usual suspects, but she’s also thrown in some new perspectives. As much as I love Tanner, I have to say that she has competition. He also loved chastity. He’s always been an extra, but in this book he’s SUPER extra and he’s hilarious. A really entertaining read! Plus, for you Empire High fans, there are some juicy Easter eggs to tease you about (perfect).

The Society This Is War Pdf Download

I love The Society This Is War book its amazing from heart broken to laughter to so much shit holy ivy smoak went above and beyond with a steamy scene.

I love how she rallied Ash after falling behind her and made her more bold and a woman who does do things fearlessly and reaches out to her.
Ash and Chastity receive an invitation to the ONYX Obits club at the Caldwell Hotel and black lingerie, so they must undress and get keys to open the door or a safe to play with.

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Ash then gets a dice key and opens a safe with the symbol on it and opens it and there is a stack of tokens marked $1000.

There is a card Welcome to Club Onyx Casino! Your challenge is simple: double those tiles. If so, they are all yours. Of course they are always a trap so Asche goes against Cole and if she loses Cole will take her before everyone but at the last minute she wins but briefly sees Tanner and he disappears. She goes home and Tanner shows up.

Tanner still has a secret that we’ll have to wait until the next book to find out. When I read the second time, I might think that Gerber is a wizard because we only have to wait until book 3 because of the Hansel and Greta story.

Ash finds a picture of his sister and calls Tanner for help, which leads her to the Society, which means Rosaline was part of the Society, so they go to the Emerald Oasis, where they participate in the War of the Society, the Blue Team against the Red Team. Tanner and Ash are the red team and Ash is the princess and Cole and Chastity are the blue team and Chastity is the blue princess.

Then Chastity gets spit roasted, Ash gets a ☝️fork from Tanner and then there’s a cop scene and Ash’s inner goddess comes out with a lot of pleasure.

Of course MAson and Bee are pregnant and having a boy, their new characters, and MAtt has a baby.

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