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The Last To Vanish book pdf download for free or read online, also The Last To Vanish pdf was written by Megan Miranda.

Megan Miranda is the New York Times bestselling author of ALL THE MISSING GIRLS, THE PERFECT STRANGER, and THE LAST HOUSE GUEST, Reese Witherspoon’s book club picks. She has also written several young adult books, including FRAGMENTS OF THE LOST, COME FIND ME, and THE SAFEST LIES. She grew up in the New Jersey, she graduated from MIT and lives in North Carolina with her husband and her two children.

BookThe Last To Vanish
AuthorMegan Miranda
Size3.3 MB

The Last To Vanish Book PDF download for free

The Last To Vanish Book PDF download for free

Ten years ago, Abigail Lovett took a job she loved managing The Passage Inn, a cozy and luxurious resort in the mountain town of Cutter’s Pass, North Carolina. Cutter’s Pass is best known for its outdoor activities (rafting and hiking, with access to the Appalachian Trail via a beautiful waterfall) and its mysterious history.

At the beginning of the book, the series of unsolved disappearances that have plagued the town is thrust back into the spotlight when journalist Landon West, who has been staying at the inn to investigate the story of the trail of disappearance, disappears himself. .

Abby has felt like an outsider within the community at times, but she calls Cutter’s Pass home. When Landon’s brother Trey shows up looking for answers, Abby can’t help but feel like the town is closing ranks. And she’s still out there. As she uncovers incriminating evidence that could bring her closer to the truth, Abby soon discovers how little she knows about her colleagues, her neighbors and even the people closest to her.

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Megan Miranda brings her best script to The Last to Vanish, a gripping thriller packed with suspense and shocking twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end.

The Last To Vanish Book Pdf Download

Megan Miranda’s latest The Last to Vanish is a slow-burn thriller with a claustrophobic atmosphere set in the remote North Carolina town of Cutter’s Pass near the Appalachian Trail. The celebrity of the town is 7 “misfits” who have disappeared over the years. The latest disappearance involves a journalist who was investigating past cases. Abby ran the Passage Inn where the missing journalist was staying. Despite having lived in Cutter’s Pass for a decade, she still feels like an outsider when it comes to the city’s stance on these disappearances. Will Abby’s search for answers about what really happened lead her to the truth, or answers she may not be ready for?

This dark and atmospheric thriller will make you feel trapped in this mysterious little town together with Abby. Megan Miranda is a master at creating environments that are both intriguing and potentially creepy. Although much of the story focuses on character development and the main story unfolds at a slower pace, I was drawn to Abby’s curiosity and couldn’t wait to discover what really lurks beneath the supposedly idyllic surface. I really appreciated the format of the narrative, starting with the recent demise and working backwards in time.

This is the kind of thriller to get lost in on a rainy Sunday (especially if you’re a humor reader like me). Especially if you’re the fan of the well-written, character-focused and small-town mysteries. And if you’re already a fan of Megan Miranda’s work, you won’t want to miss this one!

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Cutter’s Pass, a small North Carolina mountain town at the foot of the Appalachian Trail, has a mysterious history. In the last 25 years, six visitors have disappeared without a trace in search of an adventure in nature. When an investigative journalist suddenly disappears, no one staying at the Passage Inn seems to be safe.

Miranda has written the kind of book that she really enjoyed. Stories set in small towns in remote locations, missing persons, confused cops, suspicious guests and locals with secrets really keep me on my toes and I love the opportunity to crack a case before the professionals do. This book was different because he didn’t expect the residents of Cutter’s Pass to accept their past as part of their identity, but rather try to hide it.

Readers will love Miranda’s signature twists and the suspense that unfolds as protagonist and inn manager Abby Lovett delves into the dark secrets of “the most dangerous city in the state.” She was caught in the back-and-forth between the Lovett’s paranoia and her assertion that the towns people are definitely hiding something. I felt compelled to uncover the dark secrets that Lovett was desperate to find; However, I did not expect to be so uncomfortable with the fact that some questions may never be definitively answered.

Like any nature walk, the trail begins slowly as Miranda enlightens readers on the history of the inn and the town, and then winds as ideas are posed and explored before taking hairpin turns and traversing steep inclines to resolve missing persons cases.

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