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Fernhill Lane book pdf download for free or read online, also Fernhill Lane pdf was written by Kristen Proby.

BookFernhill Lane
AuthorKristen Proby
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Fernhill Lane Book PDF download for free

Fernhill Lane Book PDF download for free

He didn’t think he would ever come home again.

When Sarah Bitterman left Huckleberry Bay at the tender age of nineteen, newly married to a much older man, she had every intention of coming home to visit them. Unfortunately, she quickly realized that was out of the question.

Until her husband kicks her out with only the clothes on her back and finally sets Sarah free.

Returning to the small coastal town was the hardest thing she has ever done in her life. Facing the ones she loved the most and thinking that she has turned her back on them is almost unbearable. But she needs her two best friends and she longs to reconcile with her little brother.

Huckleberry Bay is like the art in the soul of it. And she now she can put down roots and start to heal.

Tanner Hilleman knew letting go of the love of her life all those years ago was a mistake, and he never stopped thinking about her. While he gives her the space he needs now that he’s home, he’s also determined to show Sarah that they belong together.

Unfortunately, Sarah’s past has haunted her to Huckleberry Bay and she threatens to destroy everything she holds dear. Will she and Tanner survive? Or will she separate them forever?

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Fernhill Lane Pdf Download

The best of both worlds, a fast-paced romance from Kristen Proby with a hint of suspense. A second chance for a once strong love, life got in the way, can they have it all now?

Sarah didn’t think she would come home after realizing how badly she had been pursuing love and proposed happiness. She was left with nothing but her best friends and her little brother her Scott when she left to marry the man who made her fall in love with her. The worse she got, the less chance she knew of coming home. She was so grateful for the open arms of many that they returned home with nothing but regrets. She is so strong and she is determined to recover and she doesn’t want to help anyone. She wanted so badly to reconnect with her brother.

Tanner quickly realized that he had made a huge mistake in letting Sarah go all those years ago. He always loved her, but youth and hormones got in the way of her. Giving Sarah time to recover after her return was the hardest part for him, he wanted so badly to run to her and take care of her. When her time finally comes, there is no going back, he will win back her heart.

Someone’s not happy to have Sarah back. Things happen that she can’t explain. Will they be able to find out before something serious happens?

This book was a wonderful addition to this series and I couldn’t be happier with Tanner and Sarah and how they found each other again. I appreciated that Tanner knew that he made a mistake when he was younger, that he stuck by it and was patient with Sarah. Sarah has been through a lot and is finally on the mend. Her ex-husband did something real with her and she’s not sure if she wants to get involved with anyone. When she moves into Tanner’s guest house, she slowly begins to open up and grow closer to him.

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Unfortunately, little things keep happening to Sarah even though they get back together. He wants nothing more to protect her from what happens, but not knowing who is committing these acts against her makes it difficult. The climax of her story and the reason for all the things that were happening was confusing because the person doing it seems to be from left field. Will Tanner make it in time to live happily ever after?

Fernhill Lane is the second book set in Kristen Proby’s fictional town of Huckleberry Bay, and I love this series. This is a second chance romance with small town charm and a great cast of characters. Sarah gets out of a bad marriage and Tanner tries to redeem himself in the eyes of the one he let get away with when he was too young to know any better. His story is sweet and romantic with a hint of suspense. It looks like someone wants to hurt Sarah, and there’s no way Tanner is going to let that happen. The chemistry between the two is palpable and there are very funny and hot moments.

The city itself features prominently in this series with its coastal setting and some truly wonderful inhabitants. Proby is a genius at writing female-male friendships, which helps make Sarah and Tanner’s friends the perfect foil to their growing relationship. She writes characters you’d like to meet and hang out with, and I can only hope the series continues for some time to come. I am totally in love with Huckleberry Bay!

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