Download Finding A Hero [PDF] By Maryann Jordan

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Finding A Hero book pdf download for free or read online, also Finding A Hero pdf was written by Maryann Jordan.

BookFinding A Hero
AuthorMaryann Jordan
Size407 KB

Finding A Hero Book PDF download for free

Finding A Hero Book PDF download for free

He knew how difficult it was to follow in his brother’s footsteps.

Joseph Newman may have followed his older brother into the military and now into a police career, but they were different there. Wyatt was a police chief, quite serious, now married, and also someone the community looked up to.

Joseph enjoyed a beer with friends, loved a good joke and didn’t mind playing on the field. Until he met her… the shy woman who barely even spoke. And something told her that she really needed a hero. But was he really the man for the job?

He knew how hard it was to break with the past.

Shiloh Wallen had escaped the restrictions that had ruled her life for years. Now she worked hard, cared for her niece and was fortunate to have a job that gave her the independence she craved. All he wanted was to feel normal, but he had no idea what that was. Handsome Joseph’s smile always made her feel special, even though she knew he gave it to everyone. But he wanted more and she wasn’t sure if she had it in her.

When her past catches up with her, he wants to be the hero she needs. But maybe she will also discover that there is a hero in her too.

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A subseries of Baytown Boys.
Keep the waterways of Virginia’s east coast safe and follow them when they find love. Romantic tension in the small town.

Finding A Hero Book Pdf Download

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I’ve never met a Baytown character I didn’t like. I wouldn’t hesitate to make friends with everyone. Maryann Jordan excels at small town romance and happily ever after. Finding a Hero reminds us that heroes come in all ages, shapes and sizes, and that you don’t have to perform amazing or dangerous feats to be a hero.

Sometimes it’s just about doing the right thing or having the courage to stand up for your beliefs or stand up for a friend or classmate who is being billed. Baytown is made up of all sorts of heroes doing what they do best when faced with danger. They work together to ensure people in danger are protected and feel welcome as part of their family.

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I loved the love story of Shiloh and Joseph. It was absolutely charming and uplifting. Having both backstories really gave a lot of context to how their relationship evolved. Joseph is charming, a protector and a man who values ​​family. Doing the right thing comes naturally to him because he had great role models growing up. Shiloh is tough, resourceful, determined, and brave. She takes her late husband’s plans, expands them, and implements them when a threat becomes too real. Landing in Baytown gives her and her niece Rachel a new life.

It only takes one look at Shiloh and Joseph is hooked, but she makes it work for her. It’s definitely up for the job no matter how long it takes. He manages to win her over and make Rachel feel wanted and welcome in the new relationship. When the past calls, Joseph orders law enforcement and neutralizes the threat, along with quick thinking on Shiloh’s part.

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