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Gabi A Girl In Pieces book pdf download for free or read online, also Gabi A Girl In Pieces pdf was written by Isabel Quintero.

Isabel Quintero is an American author of young adult literature, poetry, and fiction.

She was born in Inland Empire of the Southern California. Quintero grew up in city of the Corona. An elderly couple, Víctor and Lucía Mejía, helped raise Isabel and her younger brother and became their grandparents. Quintero attended California State University in San Bernardino, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in English and later a master’s degree in composition in English.

She taught English at the San Bernardino Valley College and Mt. San Jacinto College. Quintero is also a freelance writer for the San Bernardino Arts Council and an active member of PoetrIE, an organization dedicated to bringing literary arts to the communities of the Inland Empire. She has written a young adult novel for Gabi, A Girl in Pieces (2014), and two books for younger children, Ugly Cat and Pablo (2017) and Ugly Cat and Pablo and the Missing Brother (2017). She has also written a graphic novel, Photographic: The Life of Graciela Iturbide.

BookGabi A Girl In Pieces
AuthorIsabel Quintero

Gabi A Girl In Pieces Book PDF download for free

Gabi A Girl In Pieces Book Pdf Download

I’m not sure how I first heard about Isabel Quintero’s novel Gabi A Girl in Pieces. But whatever fortuitous circumstances helped bring me and this book together, I am grateful to them. Gabi A Girl in Pieces is funny, heartbreaking and wonderful.

The book is written as a series of journal entries during Gabi’s senior year of high school. Gabi is an overweight Mexican-American girl living in Southern California. Her father is addicted to meth, her mother is a very traditional Mexican mother, her brother is angry, one of her best friends just dropped out and her other best friend is pregnant. Meanwhile, Gabi applies to college, discovers a deep love for poetry, finds her own considerable creative genius, and navigates the complications of many boy problems.

I really enjoyed reading this book. Gabi is a wonderful storyteller. She’s smart, sassy, ​​confident, loyal, and a great person to spend a few hundred pages of teen drama with. Quintero makes it clear that Gabi is overweight and likes to eat, but he also makes it clear that Gabi is extremely attractive to people. She’s dated no fewer than three men over the course of this book, proving that even teenagers are attracted to smart, confident women. Gabi is also convinced of herself and her talent. He has no problem writing poetry and reciting it in front of other people. You won’t find long fearful heels here… You’ll find a girl who just STEALS THE SHOW.

Because Gabi is such an amazing storyteller, this book is never overwhelmed by all the serious issues she faces. Somehow Quintero seemed to have covered too much in this book to pay enough attention to a single topic. But in a different way… maybe that’s what teenagers are dealing with all the time these days.

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Quintero skilfully contrasts Gabi’s traditional upbringing and her family’s expectations with her newly awakened feminism. She does this with glorious references to feminist poetry, such as Sandra Cisneros’ Loose Woman and Tracie Morris’ Project Princess. As someone who doesn’t read much poetry, all the references to poetry in this book made me google everywhere trying to find the poems Gabi mentions so I too can experience how she feels when she reads . Poetry.

Much more is covered in this book; If I had to talk about all of this here, I would talk and talk. For me, the most memorable were Gabi’s confidence and burgeoning feminism clashing with her upbringing. But there is something for everyone, something that resonates with you and reminds you of your own childhood and your own insecurities and how to deal with them.

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