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The Sword Book pdf download for free or read online, also The Sword pdf was written by J Bree.

BookThe Sword
AuthorJ Bree

The Sword Book PDF download for free

The Sword Book PDF download for free

The high goblins are at war.

After the witches murdered the king and queen of the Unseelie court, the Southlands were left without a legitimate heir to the throne. The law says I cannot be crowned until I marry my destined mate, but the seer has told me clearly what I must do.


While a mock king reigns, the witch wars rage on taking no prisoners while my kingdom fades.

The days of the great fairies are numbered, but the Unseelie Court refuses to accept the danger we find ourselves in. Instead, they drink fairy wine and dance until we die. I can’t sit back and watch my people lose themselves in their own megalomania.

Our enemy can wear finery and dance in the Unseelie courtyard.

Who is involved in the plans to remove me from my throne and mark me as an irreparable savage?

Will I ever find the mate fate promised me?

Or will I remain the Wild Prince, a cold, ruthless sword that knows nothing but bloodshed and ruin?

The Sword Pdf Download

The Sword is a prequel short story by MF PNR containing material that may be difficult for some readers. It is recommended for children 18 years and older due to language and sexual situations. It is the prequel to a three-volume series that will be released in 2023.

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The Sword, the second prequel novel in the Mortal Fates series, and we’ll see the man behind that mysterious voice!

Our fairy prince Soren has not had it easy, and although he is a skilled warrior, the war with the witches has proved a serious threat that has lasted for centuries. But her latest challenge is one with the Seer, as her partner can save them all, and yet she is given one task: patience.

With the future of his people in jeopardy, a formidable enemy in his land, and a potential traitor in his midst, it is clear that our beloved Soren faces a difficult road ahead.


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