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Icebreaker book pdf download for free or read online, also Icebreaker pdf was written by Hannah Grace.

AuthorHannah Grace
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Icebreaker Book PDF download for free

Icebreaker Book PDF download for free

Anastasia Allen has worked her entire life to get a shot at Team USA.

Stassie has been a competitive figure skater since she was five years old, with a full college scholarship thanks to her spot on the Maple Hills figure skater team, and on a schedule that would make even the most ambitious person cry. Stassie comes to win.

Without exceptions.

Nathan Hawkins has really never had a problem he couldn’t solve. As captain of the Maple Hills Titans, he knows that the responsibility of keeping the hockey team on the ice falls on his shoulders.

When a misunderstanding causes the two teams to share an ice rink and Anastasia’s partner is injured as a result, Nate trades his racket for a pair of tights and a terrifying trainer for an even scarier one.

The couple bonds in more ways than one, but that’s okay because Anastasia doesn’t even like hockey players…does she?

Icebreaker Book Pdf Download

I don’t know what Hannah Grace put into this book besides absolute joy, love, heartwarming and lovable characters, fantastic and hilarious jokes and SO MUCH MORE! I’m pretty sure there was something magical about this book because one second she was opening the book to start reading and the next I found that she had read a ton of chapters in a matter of hours. It had all the great qualities you could want in a book: diversity, LGBTQ+ representation, humor, a unique approach to the story, and characters that will make you smile, the biggest smile you can imagine!

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Anastasia Allen (Stassie) was the meticulous planner who made sure everything went according to her plans to skate her best. Anastasia’s determination to succeed was immediately admired and loved. Meanwhile, Nathan Hawkins (Nate) always wanted to be successful in hockey and was a lovable hunk with a heart of gold. Nathan was instantly so adorable, goofy, and a cinnamon bun that I instantly loved him.

Both Anastasia and Nathan were delightful from the start and when they were introduced, OMG THE BANTER was AMAZING FROM THE GRAPHICS! I feel like the banter was truly unique in a way that reading their interactions literally made me realize the quick wit and responses that came so naturally between Anastasia and Nathan that I was frankly blown away and surprised by the fair amount of banter between them.

It was immediately clear that Anastasia was the grumpy one and Nathan was the sunshine. I feel like reverse Grumpy/Sunshine books aren’t common (at least for me personally), but the way Hannah wrote the dialogue between Anastasia and Nathan was phenomenal, as was all of the other characters’ dialogue.

This story had amazing characters that are easy to love, and since the group of friends is part of the story, you also see a variety of different characters. One of the many things I loved about this book was the circle of friends. Ever since I met Lola, JJ, Robbie, Ryan, and Henry, each of these characters had wonderful personalities that were unique and made me want to learn more about them.

I look forward to expanding this book into the series and seeing each character hopefully get their own book from her. Well, while I love each character for various reasons, I have to say…Henry Turner somehow made me feel! The shy, sweet and thoughtful Henry who somehow managed to steal the show throughout the book made me want to get to know him better! I really finally understand why everyone kept mentioning Henry! Now it all makes sense to me!

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The chemistry between Anastasia and Nathan was one of the things that intrigued/excited me the most, especially given the rocky start they had at the beginning of the book. At first Anastasia wasn’t sure about Nathan, meanwhile Nathan just wanted them to be friends and work things out between them. I definitely didn’t expect things to heat up quickly, but gosh, Nathan definitely didn’t need a map to… please Anastasia (YES YOU KNOW YOU KNOW!) The spice in this book was impeccable!

Anastasia and Nathan had so many exciting and worthwhile moments that literally shook me and left me in awe with their persistence, passion, desire, and outright creativity in and out of the bedroom. Anastasia liked to tease and push Nathan to piss him off and this only made Nathan scold Anastasia for being a brat who desired him. I think being called a brat and pushing buttons on a guy was the kind of thing that turned Anastasia and Nathan on and I enjoyed watching it ALL unfold! I loved how sexually positive this book was and covered all aspects of self-exploration, sexuality, and more.

To be honest, I feel like I’ve really lost count of the number of raunchy moments in this book. Mrs. Hannah Grace didn’t mess with the spices in this book. WOO! There were a lot of great things to talk about with Spice and certain scenes that come to mind, but let me just say firstly Nathan and Anastasia were great with words and secondly Anastasia was SO FLEXIBLE!

Anastasia may have been a grump at times, but as the book progressed I got to see more of her sarcastic, hilarious, feisty personality. Anastasia’s openness about her mental health and her therapy was a great example to exemplify in the story, especially when the pressure to succeed in figure skating was so great for Anastasia.

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Little by little, Anastasia opened up to Nathan, whom she loved very much, as he allowed her to learn more about her and her insecurities and fears. The communication in this book was excellent, just by saying what they felt or expressing themselves, Anastasia and Nathan matured into college students.

Wow, this book blew me away and I can’t believe it. There was never a complete moment, the supporting characters, Anastasia, Nathan, the story, the humor, the romance, SPICE, and the jokes were phenomenal! This book was more than I expected and I couldn’t put it down, I sped through it like the fastest woman in the world!

Anastasia and Nathan were amazing, I loved how their relationship and chemistry was, as well as the openness to communicate with each other. This book may look cute, but it certainly didn’t hold the spice, and some of the topics mentioned are heavy topics. Hannah did a fantastic job on this book and her only regret is that she didn’t read it sooner.

This is officially a book I will never stop reading and will recommend to everyone! I fell in love with the general mood of the book and just when I couldn’t be happier, the epilogue was amazing too! If you didn’t notice in my LONG REVIEW, I clearly fell in love with Anastasia and Nathan and the Hannah Grace story.

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