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The London Girls book pdf download for free or read online, also The London Girls pdf was written by Soraya M. Lane.

BookThe London Girls
AuthorSoraya M. Lane
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The London Girls Book PDF download for free

The London Girls Book PDF download for free

London, 1941. Flash. When a Royal Navy memo arrives at headquarters urging female recruits to enlist as motorcyclists and take top-secret jobs across the country, three women jump at the chance to sign up for London’s most dangerous jobs.

Olivia grew up riding motorcycles with her brothers and since they are fighting abroad, she feels it is her duty to join them. Ava is drawn to the thrill of adventure, but will she learn to safely navigate London’s treacherous streets with more enthusiasm than skill?

After losing her family in one of the first air raids, Florence knows the importance of getting help quickly to the scene, so she steps forward and outruns the men behind the wheel of an ambulance. When Olivia, Ava and Florence meet for the first time, they know they have found something they all need: a family.

When bombs fall and decimate the city they love, these three brave women build a sisterhood amidst the rubble that will stand up to anyone, even their own families, who opposes their service. And as romances blossom and fade, their bond only grows stronger. But none of them dare contemplate the terrifying reality that Florence’s ambulance could one night save someone she loves…

The London Girls Pdf Download

Soraya M. Lane has become one of my favorite authors of all time. I have read many of her books over the years and she has never disappointed me. When I saw that she had written a new book, The London Girls, she was so excited to read it! All of Soraya M. Lane’s previous books have brilliantly combined a World War II aspect with strong female leads.

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I really like her books because I always learn something new about this period of history and it’s almost always something done by women. The London Girls were no exception. It was really well paced and also the character development was brilliant. When I finished reading The London Girls, I felt a real connection with each and every one of the characters. The images that Soraya M. Lane created and portrayed in this book were so meticulously vivid and real, especially those focused on the devastation of The Blitz. The London Girls took place in London during The Blitz in 1941.

In The London Girls, Soraya M. Lane portrayed the brave and heroic efforts of female motorcyclists conscripted during World War II. These bikers were essential to the war effort by delivering urgent secret memos throughout England. When the men who had performed this important task were needed on the front lines, the Navy decided to recruit and train female Wrens to replace the men. Some women were also hired as ambulance drivers.

When Wrens received orders from the Navy to apply for the biker positions, three very different women applied. Ava, Olivia, and Florence were excited at the prospect of being selected for one of the positions. Unfortunately, Florence didn’t have what it took, but since she was so adept at driving, she was recommended to become an ambulance driver. Ava and Olivia got places. Olivia was the only one of the three who had ridden a motorcycle before. She grew up as the only sister of three older brothers. Her older brother, Petey, had taught her.

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The three women started out as strangers, but quickly formed beautiful friendships with each other. Every time they rode their motorcycles through the dark streets of London to deliver a top-secret memorandum that could help sway the war in favor of an Allied victory, each of them risked her life. There was always the fear that German planes would drop bombs on their path or miss an obstacle on the road and crash the bike or the unthinkable. Ava and Olivia promised from the beginning that they would deliver the memos no matter what, even if it means running to their destinations.

Then there was Florence, who insisted on getting the ambulance out of her as soon as the sirens started wailing. The sirens warned those who heard them to take cover and head to the nearest shelter immediately. Florence felt that if she waited for the all-clear siren to sound, it would be too late to help people who were trapped, stuck, or seriously injured. Her ambulance was often right behind the fire trucks. She put herself in danger every shift she worked. The bombs that fell on London caused much rubble to collapse from houses and fires broke out all over London. Ambulance drivers bravely entered houses that could collapse at any moment, hoping to save a single life.

Each of these brave and courageous women, Ava, Olivia, and Florence, have experienced their share of tragedy, trauma, and personal challenges. However, they all wanted to do their part to serve their country. They were aware of the risks they were taking, but they did their job in a professional and competent manner. Ava, Olivia and Florence illustrated and realized the true meaning of friendship, courage and love. They showed compassion, courage, determination, strength, and courage.

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I really enjoyed reading The London Girls by Soraya M. Lane. I’m still thinking about the characters. You really left a lasting impression on me. I didn’t know there were women bikers during that war. Too often, the contributions of these women are swept under the rug and unrecognized. I appreciate that Soraya M. Lane found out what these women accomplished during World War II, she researched it and let me know how these women selflessly and courageously did what they did.

In her author notes, she mentioned some of the real people she based her book on and some of the real places and events that actually happened. He also clarified her leniency with some of the dates she used in the books to fit the book’s context and timeline. Soraya M. Lane is a master storyteller. I highly recommend this book.

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