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O Line book pdf download for free or read online, also O Line pdf was written by Fiona Davenport.

Writing duo Elle Christensen and Rochelle Paige team up under the pseudonym Fiona Davenport to bring you sexy Insta love stories filled with alpha males.

If you want a quick and dirty read with a guaranteed happy ending, check out Fiona Davenport!

BookO Line ( The New York Nighthawks Book 3 )
AuthorFiona Davenport
Size150 KB

O Line Book PDF download for free

O Line Book PDF download for free

From USA Today bestselling author Fiona Davenport comes a fake relationship, BBW, age gap sports romance starring an aggressive lineman who gets butted on by a plus-size model.

The only reason Jordan Stallard agreed to a blind date was to get his mom off his back. He needed someone to attend an upcoming benefit gala with him, but the first person he saw entering the restaurant changed all his plans.

It only took Jordan one look to know Wrenley Abrams was meant for him. When he was on his feet, he took the opportunity to ask the beautiful hostess to come with him. What he had no idea was that Wrenley thought she was just filling in as his fake date.

O Line Book Pdf Download

First, let me say how much I love the Wrenley name (as someone whose name was almost Wren)! I love this series so much! Jordan and Wrenley are just perfect – they’re a perfect fit together and as part of this group. Your story made me so happy! I am very confident that there will be more of this series!

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This is book number 3 in The New York Nighthawks series and focuses on Jordan and Wrenley. This book picks up where Ember (book number 2 in the series) canceled the blind date with Jordan. This works perfectly for Jordan, because as soon as he sets eyes on Wrenley, he knows he’s found his wife, and he had no intention of going on their blind date.

In the end, Jordan asks Wrenley to be his date for the gala, but Wrenley gets the impression that she’s just the new, practical, fake date replacing Ember, when in reality Jordan is busy planning her happy ending. Wrenley leaves for a month for work, but they both fall in love over the course of the month. I love how perfectly Jordan and Wrenley were a match and the abundance of hackneyed football jokes. I definitely chuckled at the jokes the whole time. This was a good story and a great addition to the series!

Jordan is upset. His best friend’s wife set him up on a date with one of her friends and he had to agree, not only to avoid an emotional outburst from the pregnant woman, but also because he needed a date for an event. As he entered the restaurant everything seemed to slow down as he looked into the eyes of the beautiful woman who was greeting people in the restaurant. When his date is called off, he sends up a prayer and prepares to woo his wife-to-be. Great, funny and moving. highly recommended

This story made me smile. These two just had that spark radiating from the sides. She worried that she felt more for him than he did for her. He worried about going too fast and driving them away. I loved his moments of honesty after he left the event. The epilogue at the party with the people from the previous books was great. I enjoyed your interaction. I loved your football jokes!!

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