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Like Sisters On The Homefront book pdf download for free or read online, also Like Sisters On The Homefront pdf was written by Rita Williams-Garcia.

Rita Williams-Garcia born on year 1957 is an American author of novels for children and young adults. In 2010, her young adult novel Jumped was finalist for the National Book Award for the young adult literature. She won the year 2011 Newbery Honor Award, the Coretta Scott King Award, and Scott O’Dell Award for Historical Fiction for her book named One Crazy Summer.

She won the PEN/Norma Klein award. Her year 2013 book P.S. Be Eleven, was a Junior Literary Guild Selection, a New York Times Editors’ Choice Book, and won the year 2014 Coretta Scott King Award. In year 2016, her book Gone Crazy in Alabama won Coretta Scott King Award. In year 2017, her book Clayton Byrd Goes Underground was a finalist for the National Book Award for Young Adult Literature.

Williams-Garcia was born in the Queens, New York. Her father was in the USA army. She graduated from the Hofstra University in 1980, where she studied with Richard Price and Sonya Pilcer. She lives in Jamaica, New York. She taught for many years at Vermont College of Fine Arts.

BookLike Sisters On The Homefront
AuthorRita Williams-Garcia

Like Sisters On The Homefront Book PDF download for free

Like Sisters On The Homefront Book Pdf Download

Gayle was a ‘corner girl’ fresh out of the Harlem projects. She had a sharp tongue and a funky attitude. She had no respect for her elder and had absolutely no respect for her mother. She was the perfect example of what would happen to a teenager who dropped out of school and did nothing with her life. She had a baby by a married man at 13 and was pregnant with her second child at 14, but her mother forced her to have an abortion.

Her mother sent her to live with her aunt and uncle in Georgia. It was a different environment for her. She couldn’t hang out on the street with her so-called “girls” anymore, and she couldn’t just laze around and do nothing all day. Her relatives in Georgia lived a nice life. They had a nice big house. Her uncle was a pastor of a church and they had a daughter named Cookie who was 16 years old and overweight.

Cookie was the lead singer of the choir and she had a crush on the local college football star. She respected Cookie, but her cousin Gayle kept trying to get her to have sex with him. Cookie loved God and she respected her body and God’s command not to have sex until married. Gayle was a bad influence, but Cookie, on the other hand, was a huge influence on Gayle.

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Gayle decided that she didn’t want to go to school and her aunt didn’t make her. She gave him a choice. She or she goes to school or she stays at home and works as a housekeeper and takes care of her great-grandmother, who was called Gran. Cookie decided on the house. Although she felt that her aunt treated her like a slave. For most of the story, Gayle tried to find ways to get back to Harlem. She wanted to have another baby with her boyfriend. It was her way of getting back at her mother for having an abortion.

Grande was a wise old woman who stayed in her bed whole 24 hours the day. Cookie bathed, fed, and changed her clothes. After a while, she fell in love with her great-grandmother. Great’s last wish was to have some homemade peach schnapps. she told Gayle the ingredients for her and Gayle made some for her, but without anyone knowing. Her uncle didn’t allow alcohol in the house.

We laughed when Gayle tried to buy Walkman. Walkman? Wasn’t that in the 1980s? Then we knew that the book was out of the date. Today everything revolves around CDs and DVDs. Gayle’s language was very, very difficult to understand. She spoke on Ebonics, which made it hard for us to follow story. But that was the language and the lifestyle in which she has grew up. If you manage with the dialect, you’ll find good story behind it.

The premise of the story teaches that education is important and although Gayle loved her baby very much, he interfered with the things she wanted to do but she couldn’t because she also had to take care of her needs first. Her priorities were screwed up, but her family helped her see light. We recommend this novel because it had a good example. Answer the question of what would happen if you disregarded your education and had premarital sex.

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