Download Greenwich Park [PDF] By Katherine Faulkner

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Greenwich Park book pdf download for free or read online, also Greenwich Park pdf was written by Katherine Faulkner.

BookGreenwich Park
AuthorKatherine Faulkner
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Greenwich Park Book PDF download for free

Greenwich Park Book PDF download for free

In this “delightfully intricate game of cat-and-mouse that kept the twists going until the very last moment” (Ruth Ware, New York Times bestselling author No baby on the way — she begins to change the day that she attends her first childbirth preparation course.

There he meets Rachel, an unpredictable expectant single mother who doesn’t seem very motherly: she smokes, drinks and shows little interest in fatherhood. Despite this, Helen is attracted to her. Maybe Rachel just needs a boyfriend. And honestly, Helen’s a little lonely too. At least Rachel is fun to be with. He makes Helen laugh, invites her to confidentiality, and distracts her from her fears.

But his increasingly erratic behavior is troubling. And Helen isn’t the only one who noticed. His friends and family begin to suspect that his strange new boyfriend might be linked to their history in some unexpected way. When Rachel threatens to uncover a past crime that could destroy everyone’s life, it becomes clear that more than one secret lurks beneath the lush trees and warm lamplight of Greenwich Park.

Greenwich Park Book Pdf Download

Greenwich Park is a slow-paced, methodical puzzle with a dual timeline and multiple narrators. A woman desperate to conceive, Helen marries Daniel, her brother’s college friend. Rory has inherited the Haverstock company but doesn’t have the skills to run it well, so he enlists Daniel’s help and hires him as a partner. Rory is married to Serena, a beautiful woman who got pregnant easily.

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When the book opens, Helen is pregnant and meets a young woman named Rachel at her childbirth class. Rachel is a mystery in her own right and many mysteries are slowly being revealed. In fact, the mystery itself unravels methodically like a ball of thread until it reaches the core where all mysteries and deceptions are hidden. The narrators include Helen and Serena, who see things differently and find subtle clues, most of which I missed.

I figured out the real villain of the story, but the ending was a totally unexpected surprise, so reading the book was a nice bonus. I can’t say the suspense was captivating, but it held my attention so much that I read the book every day until I finished it. It’s just a very slow burn that ignites at the end.

Helen is happily married and about to have a baby lol. Unfortunately, her husband has been very busy at work and cannot accompany her to her planned childbirth class. Her sister-in-law and brother are also about to give birth and were supposed to go to class with her, but couldn’t attend either. The only other single mom, Rachel, is determined to be Helen’s new best friend. He seems to be everywhere Helen goes. It’s a bit unnerving for Helen, Rachel is loud and a bit rough around the edges, but it seems like all her other friends are busy, and Helen reluctantly befriends Rachel.

Along with the birth of a baby, Helen’s home undergoes a major makeover. Everything is chaotic and overwhelming for Helen.

On the night of Helen and her husband’s wedding anniversary, Rachel shows up at their house looking like she’s been strangled. She asked Helen to let her stay with them. Helen’s husband isn’t happy about the situation, but Rachel says it’s only for one night. A few weeks later, Rachel is still around and Helen’s husband is leaving her more and more. Also, strange things start happening. Some things have been lost, such as Helen’s husband’s laptop.

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Helen finds strange things in the house. Something is obviously afoot. Who is Rachel? Helen didn’t know her very well before she moved in and it seems that Helen’s life has spiraled out of control since Rachel was there. Helen is determined to find out what’s going on. The more you search, the messier things get.

This is a great twisted book. I never saw most of it coming.

I liked the characters. One of my favorite things to do was see a similar situation through the eyes of different characters. It seems that in several similar situations, Helen’s point of view was completely different from her husband’s point of view.

The book begins with a letter that someone writes to Helen from prison. It kind of worked backwards how this situation came about. It was interesting to find out who wrote this letter and why it was written.

I liked almost everything about this book. There were some things you just had, other than the fact that Helen would be willing to let a virtual stranger in her house when she was about to give birth and not ask a bunch of questions. I’m not really sure it would be that nice. But other than that, I don’t have many complaints. The book wasn’t good enough to get five stars, but it’s definitely a good book and fun to read.

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