Download Miles Ever After [PDF] By T L Swan

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Miles Ever After Book pdf download for free or read online, also Miles Ever After pdf was written by T L Swan.

BookMiles Ever After
AuthorT L Swan
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Miles Ever After Book PDF download for free

Miles Ever After Book PDF download for free

This was an interesting compilation of additional epilogues from all 4 books in the Miles High series.

Jameson & Emily (The Stopover)-We love the good character development that Jameson definitely pulled off in his escape. I’m glad Emily and Jameson are getting what they want. This “trope” is always a bit of a touchy/difficult subject for me. I swear on a grumpy businessman who protects and amazes his wife. Lots of little giggles during this part.

Tristian & Claire (The Takeover) – Tristian is so dreamy. The messy situations the guys create and how Tristian handles them made me laugh. It’s so sweet to see the big family together. As Tristian tries to pack his hospital bag, the banter between the mother of 3 and also a new father is ridiculous. My heart nearly burst when Tristian met his new baby for the first time.

Miles Ever After Pdf Download

Elliot & Kate (The Casanova): Review the activation warning before reading. This epilogue is slightly differently paced than the previous two, much like its original story. I’ve really struggled with this one, it’s all too familiar. Well, minus the crazy money. lol While it is a difficult story, it is strangely comforting to have a story similar to yours presented. The greatest gesture of love I have ever seen. Made me cry.

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Christopher & Hayden (The Do Over) – Just like Christopher, I’m allergic to everything outside and I sneeze non-stop lol! I love watching Christopher get thrown into the depths of country life.

I have loved the Miles family of children since the Stopover book. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read it. I even downloaded the song Jameson heard thinking it would describe his life, you bad liar. Elliott’s book was just as moving and the song more. Swan was chosen by the greatest showman, never enough. That really got me.

As much as I loved the conclusion to these wonderful books, I’m really looking forward to seeing the bonus starring Gabriel Ferrara. A conclusion worthy of everything. What a storyteller you are and I have loved all your books. But I have to tell you that I have never before been interested in a novel like when I read The Bonus at Christmas. Your stories just take me away. Thank you so much!!!

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