Download Flirting With Forever [PDF] By Claire Kingsley

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Flirting With Forever Book pdf download for free or read online, also Flirting With Forever pdf was written by Claire Kingsley.

BookFlirting With Forever
AuthorClaire Kingsley
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Flirting With Forever Book PDF download for free

Flirting With Forever Book PDF download for free

Nora Lakes is a confident single woman who just bought her first home. She’s beautiful and fashionable, but a little shy about commitment (and for good reason). I liked Nora as a supporting character in her friends’ books (the rest of the Dirty Martini Running Club series) and she really wanted to get into her head.

Dex is a tattoo artist, single father of a thirteen-year-old girl named Riley, and Nora’s new neighbor. He spends a good time of the beginning of the book fighting his attraction to the Nora. After all, she has become a positive influence in his daughter’s life and he wouldn’t want to ruin that. And he hasn’t had the best luck with relationships in the past.

Flirting With Forever Pdf Download

Nora’s interactions with the Riley were really some of my favorite parts of the book. The first conversation of hers actually made me cry a little. It made me wish I had a Nora in my life at Riley’s age (minus her relationship with her father), while also making me glad my high school years are behind us.

Claire is amazing writing entertaining characters. The rest of the Dirty Martini ladies and their husbands, Dex’s parents and brothers, even the grass-obsessed neighbor and ferret-obsessed colleague are just a few of the fun people you’ll meet while reading this book.

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And we can’t forget the steam. Nora and Dex have fantastic chemistry. There must be something to those martinis because all the ladies in DM have had some really um creative encounters.

It all culminates in an incredibly cheesy happy ending worthy of your favorite rom-com. All in all, another fantastic read from Claire Kingsley. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll up and click this button! Oh, but if you haven’t already, read the rest of the Dirty Martini series first. Although this book may be a stand-alone book, it’s more fun as a series. Start with Everly Dalton’s Dating Disasters prequel. You will not regret!

To say that I was excited by Flirting With Forever book is an understatement. This is the series that sparked my love for Claire Kingsley’s writing. Many know her as a small-town novelist, but she wowed me with Book 1 of this RomCom series, The Dirty Martini Running Club. Nora was the best of friends throughout this series and I was so ready to read her story.

Nora Lakes is a supportive, feisty, confident, funny and elegant friend. I loved the idea of a hero who wasn’t her type. Tattoo artist, and also a single dad next door Dex St. James? It was so amazing that it was actually perfect. Nora needed someone very special to shake her comfortable place with men. What about a man who is also not interested in a relationship? Beyond perfect RomCom! I loved the way Dex and Nora danced around each other even though they knew the other wasn’t good for them. The transition to more and then more was fun, hot, sweet, swooning, and oh, everything I wanted. I love her.

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One of the best things about this book series is that the friendships. Nora is really the glue that holds the girls together. She offers so much love, support, and wisdom to her friends. This affects her relationship with Riley, Dex’s daughter. There is a quick and easy connection between Nora and Riley that was very good. I loved that this 13-year-old girl found a caring woman to help her through difficult times and it’s even better that Nora did it by being herself.

The integration of Kingley’s previous characters and the ongoing gags from the other stories in this series was very good. It’s like that nice reward for investing in Claire’s work.

I am so happy that Nora got the HEA from her, Flirting With Forever book was fabulous. I loved this story!!

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