Download Murder in Chianti [PDF] By Camilla Trinchieri

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Murder in Chianti book pdf download for free or read online, also Murder in Chianti pdf was written by Camilla Trinchieri.

Born in Prague to an Italian diplomatic father and an American mother, Camilla came to the United States at the age of twelve and returned to Italy after graduating from Barnard College.

BookMurder in Chianti
AuthorCamilla Trinchieri
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Murder in Chianti Book PDF download for free

Murder in Chianti Book PDF download for free

Mourning the loss of his wife, Rita, former NYPD homicide detective Nico Doyle moves to his hometown of Gravigna in the Chianti wine region. Nico, half Italian and half Irish, is navigating the region with the help of Rita’s relatives, but still feels lonely and out of place.

He’s not sure if it’s peace he’s looking for, but it’s not what he’s finding. Early one morning he hears a gunshot and a dog screaming near his new home and goes outside to discover a dead body in the woods, garishly dressed in gold sneakers. When the police arrive, Nico hastily adopts the fluffy white dog as his own and also wants nothing more to do with the murder.

But Salvatore Perillo, the local maresciallo, discovers Nico’s professional background and recruits him to help him on the case. It turns out that more than one person in this idyllic corner of Italy knew the victim, and with a very small group of suspects, including his own in-laws, Nico must unearth every last painful secret of Gravigna in order to uncover the truth.

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Murder in Chianti Book Pdf Download

A man is killed in a forest where locals gather mushrooms. He has no ID, but his clothing suggests an American. Local Carabinieri boss Salvatore Perillo feels he doesn’t have the experience to deal with a complex murder case, so he befriends Nico Doyle, a former homicide detective, and cleverly persuades him to to give you advice.

The characters feel very real and life in a small Tuscany is portrayed in an appealing way. Nico left New York to live in Tuscany, where he can take care of his Italian wife in his hometown and be close to his relatives. There is an old man wandering through the narrative in an old coat quoting Dante. Nico is nice to him. In fact, Nico is nice to everyone. Half Irish and half Italian, it doesn’t quite belong, but everyone likes it. He helps his wife’s cousin in her restaurant and is a good cook.

Admittedly, this novel has a lot in common with the popular Martin Walker series starring Bruno. Although Bruno is the police chief of their small town and Nico has no official status, both are on the alert. Both love to cook. And food and wine figure prominently in the story. Both authors go a little too far when it comes to food for my taste. A few details would suffice. But I know most readers love that.

In any case, the elements of love and flirting are treated very well in this book. The research is interesting. And in general I really enjoyed spending time in the Tuscan world of Camilla Trinchieri. I have ordered the next book in the series.

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This book has everything I like: a good crime thriller that left me scratching my head for a while; cute characters who seemed like friends by the end of the book; descriptions of Italian food and red wine that whetted my appetite; a story set in Tuscany, one of my favorite places on earth, and a cute little dog. Weaved through this story is a theme of belonging and moving on in life while acknowledging past pain, loss and mistakes.

Niko, a widower who moved to Tuscany to be close to his late wife’s family, tries to find his place in a new country among new friends. Niko is accompanied by Onewag, a stray dog ​​he adopted. The residents of this charming town in Italy’s wine country live with secrets from their youth that are brought to the present when a former villager returns home and is murdered. This is an excellent read.

Nicco is both an insider and an outsider. He has in-laws in the small town he moved to after losing his wife to cancer. But he’s also a former American police officer and has an extraterrestrial vision. Perilla, the town’s police chief, realizes he’s not the smartest, and his young Venetian policeman, Daniele, is showing signs of intelligence, so he enlists Nicco and Daniele’s help in the very rare murder on your property. .

There’s a lot of local color, from the old man quoting Dante, to the fat florist, to the café owner and the in-laws who run a restaurant and also try to regulate each other’s lives. Some delicious recipes have also been added. While not as polished as Bruno’s series set in France, it shares many of the same elements. It’s not that well written and sometimes the dialogues don’t work, with too much explanation explaining what happened instead of describing it to us. I’ll look for the second in line and hope it keeps improving.

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