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The Kite book pdf download for free or read online, also The Kite pdf was written by N.R. Walker.

N.R. Walker is an Australian author who loves her gay romance genre. He loves to write and spends too much time on it, but he wouldn’t do it any differently.

She is many things; a mother, a wife, a sister, a writer. He has nice, nice boys that he brings to life with words.

He likes it when they do really dirty stuff… but he likes it even more when they fall in love. She used to find it weird when people talked to her in her head, until one day she ran into other writers who told her it was normal.

BookThe Kite
AuthorN.R. Walker
Size1.3 MB

The Kite Book PDF download for free

The Kite Book PDF download for free

Former leader of the Australian Specialist Response Group, Tim “Harry” Harrigan has been conducting covert operations for almost a decade. A lone wolf, he’s single-handedly taken down terrorists and threats to national security, or so he believes. He’s been in the game too long, and when he sees a known threat, he knows his time is up.

Asher Garin is a dangerous man. A man with no loyalty, a man with no nationality, no country, no home. He is also a mercenary paid by the highest bidder. His next job is a face he recognizes, and after a clue, he discovers that he too is a marked man.

It’s a different game now and Harry and Asher have a better chance of surviving if they stick together. But not only the game or the rules have changed. The bets too.

Because alone they had nothing to lose. Together they do it.

The Kite Book Pdf Download

Another winner from the very delightful and talented N.R. walker. This is a fun, fast-paced rival/enemy-to-lover romance between two killers, and it’s a wild, sexy go ride.

This author’s ability to write engaging, sympathetic, and authentic characters is demonstrated once again in a book that differs from her more heartwarming contemporary stories, but is just as engaging and not overshadowed by the plot: it’s a nice balance of fast-paced escape and The Capture. Feelings between two unlikely heroes who really just need one person to call home. Not that they knew at first.

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It was so much fun being on the run with Harry and Asher and the Mysterious Four and watching them bicker and bond and have each other’s backs before they even knew if they could trust each other or not. Poor Harry never had a chance! lol I’d have one of them behind me any minute.

HEA, no cheating, no emotional pitfalls, wild fun and big payoff at the end. Probably closer to your Tallowwood storyline, albeit a lot less moody and somber. We hope that N.R. is inspired to write more romantic suspense along with his poignant character studies. That’s what I’m here for. Highly recommended.

“His mission, and his whole life, changed in a single heartbeat.” I could live in this world. I mean a safe distance away on an island, but yes, this is my new home. I loved everything about it: the danger, the assassins, the strategy, the chase, the tug of war between Harry and Asher (aka the hottest foreplay ever), the actual moments between them where they reluctantly chose to trust, even if they did, still wanted to do it. beating each other up, assassins and the many layers of intrigue. Everything is fine at my sweet spot and I don’t want to leave.

Asher is such a sexy combination of deadly and laid back. I laughed at the many ways he reluctantly fondled Harry during their connection, but I applauded/cheered/fainted at the way Harry reacted. Gah, Harry, what is not love. Protective, grumpy, deadly, secret, deep, deep secret, sweet, he’s perfect. If I thought I had a slim chance I’d say it’s perfect for me, but I don’t want to take any chances when Asher is involved. Besides, nothing can come between these two and their incredible love. They set my heart on fire watching them burn for each other. Mesmerizing, intense and searing fire, all set in a murderous world of suspense, you’ll fly through the pages as you devour it whole.

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With La Cometa, N.R. Walker dips his hand in the ever-popular trope of war/competition’s top assassins who, for some reason, must work together to survive.

Their relationship ranges from enemies admiring each other’s abilities to friendship and love as they struggle to survive. It’s a great trope. And it works for many reasons. Whether in the cinema, in a series or in the various novels that I’ve read lately.

There’s action, suspense, two hot, highly qualified people at the peak of their careers, in this case men. Beautiful of course. Each harmed by their past, albeit in different ways.

I’m interested in how each author takes this trope and gives it their twist.

Walker’s killers are government hitmen, not private contractors. Well, one is. Take on quests that eliminate the “bad guy”. He thinks he’s the good guy.

Truly a giant man, Tim “Harry” Harrigan works for the Australian government. Not that he’s been the home for a while. For years he has been the sniper called upon to take out high-value targets. Go ahead, keep going.

But now he’s getting tired, not slowly but the lifestyle is wearing him down. Harry’s tired mood coupled with the creation of a hit gives the reader a good idea of ​​his personality at this point.

Especially when it seems like Harry is now the hunted and no longer the hunter.

The assassin who comes to Harry’s aid is Asher Garin. Asher is a killer, the best in his field. The reason he’s there is because they’re both destinations on everyone’s bucket list now.

The exciting coming together, the great action and the quick admission under extraordinary circumstances makes reading a lot of fun.

Their personalities are less defined, mainly using the grumpy/sweet tag. The shifts come later as the men flee from one destination to another, trusting one another, and the real reason behind their names on a murder list is revealed. It’s treachery, greed and double-dealing.

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The story moves fast. The sex is furious/hot and the dynamic between Harry and Asher ranges from slow to fiery, from disgust to love.

There’s more to this, including another main character who is an enigma for most of the story. Still totally charming. We could have done it with more of him in his “Charlie” voice level.

Overall I found this a fun and quick novel/adventure read. Walker’s characters were never really portrayed as heartless professional assassins. So turning Henry into an ex-soldier who believes he is acting for the good of his government helps create his character. The same goes for Asher. Exactly what he does and who he kills for is never explained. He has little talent for languages ​​and a badly damaged childhood. So he doesn’t feel like a killer either. Do they kill people? Yes, but these are the bad guys. That’s to be expected.

She believed in men, if not exactly in their professed careers, so to speak.

Another strange item. Walker throws in a recurring dream (twice) of Asher, an oddity whose reappearance at the end is so far outside of the kind of story it’s supposed to be that it’s immediately noticeable. It almost had a narrative whiplash effect. A spiritual woowoo, yes we should always be together. What? In a Killers Find love action story? This paranormal aspect does not appear at any time except for this time. So why?

It’s like that Walker couldn’t help but to write another book. This was an SMH moment here. She took me out of history.

So things aside. The Kite has a satisfying ending for the criminal and a touching HEA for the couple.

If anyone could make her disappear, it was Four.

And if Walker wanted them all to reappear for a sequel, well, that works too.

If you are a fan of this author and a lover of this type of story, here is a book for you.

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