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Ward’s castle book pdf download for free or read online, also Ward’s castle pdf was written by Ella Goode.

Ella Goode is a collaborator on the Motorcycle Club series along with Ruby Dixon and Kati Wilde. These are novels for when you want all the heat and excitement but can’t have all the time. Ranging in word count from 20,000 to 30,000, these sexy stories deliver a passionate romance between your favorite leather-clad heroes and their incredible wives. Don’t miss a single one!

BookWard’s castle
AuthorElla Goode
Size450 KB

Ward’s castle Book PDF download for free

Ward's castle Book PDF download for free

Finding a young girl and her foster brother in the basement of my high-rise office building was not on the agenda. I didn’t like her with her sparkling eyes and clever mouth, so I immediately sent her to boarding school.

I demanded regular updates to ensure my investment was sound, and in return received letters ranging from cold to angry. When Lila finished high school, she was no longer a student, and that made me want to teach her some things I didn’t need to teach her.

Hendrix sees me as a girl and not a woman, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from foster parents and then during my exile at boarding school, it’s that you can’t make anyone love you. What I also know is that you can’t stop loving someone. Hendrix is ​​the one I want, but he’s too concerned about doing the right thing for me to see. Still, I can feel the warmth in her eyes along with the love in her heart. I just have to convince him that it’s all about needing each other.

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Ward’s castle Book Pdf Download

Spoilers Drix Mason thought he was content with his life when his security found Lila and Beau hiding in his company’s basement. Lila is 16 years old and ran away from her adoptive family to hear about planes to sell little Beau. Drix is ​​28 years old and not only comes across as a hard-hearted self-made man, but also knows immediately how special these two people are to him.

They become his wards, but he sends Lila to an all-girls boarding school who is overprotective but doesn’t admit her own feelings towards him. She insists on moving home with Beau when he graduates and is 18 years old. Will Drix keep fighting his feelings and hurt Lila even more? There’s drama with another woman who loves him dearly, but of course there’s no catch.

I loved and devoured this book. I couldn’t put it down. The dynamic between the three Drix, Lila and the Beau was so captivating. Ella Goode writes amazing love stories, I’m always looking for new ones. She has such a very special way with her characters. I was sad when it ended. I would have liked to read more about the relationship between this couple.

He claims her from the start and is so overprotective. Despite being so young, Lila has experienced a lot in life and feels at home with him and Beau for the first time. It melted my heart. I have a faint hope we’ll find them again if there’s a story from Beau who has already made his claim

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