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The Facade book pdf download for free or read online, also The Facade pdf was written by Judy Corry.

Judy Corry is a USA Today bestselling author of young adult fiction and contemporary romance. She writes romance novels because she can’t get enough of the feeling of falling in love. She is known for writing heartwarming kisses, lovable characters and hard-earned moments of happiness.

She lives in southern Utah with the boy who took her to prom, their four feral children and a dog. She is addicted to love stories, dark chocolate and notebooks.

BookThe Facade
AuthorJudy Corry

The Facade Book PDF download for free

The Facade Book PDF download for free

Everyone has three lives. A public life, a private life and also a secret life.

I’m in my third year of high school and I’ve never been on a date.

Everyone says it’s because my overprotective brothers scare all the boys, but I can’t help but wonder if there’s something wrong with me.

That is, until I heared a rumor that I’m secretly dating my brothers’ best friend.


Sure, I always thought Mack was the most perfect guy in the universe, but I got over that crush years ago.

And while he’s teasing my brothers about taking me to the make-out point, there’s no way he’s carrying out that threat. I was just a stupid girl next door.

But when Mack’s sleepwalking episodes lead to him spending a few nights in my trundle bed in my room and we talk and share things we never tell anyone else, I started to wonder if a secret relationship is exactly what I want.

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My brothers have made it clear that Mack can never be near me. But what my brothers don’t even know can’t hurt them, right?

The Facade Book Pdf Download

Of the 3 books in this series currently being published, Elise and Asher are still my best couple, but Cambrielle and Mack are a close second! I loved that how they were so comfortable with each other. Cambrielle has very big and caring heart for those who she cares about. I loved that Mack was shown to be very emotional (who wouldn’t be excited about what life throws at them?). He didn’t like crying in front of people, but as he and Cambrielle grew closer, he felt comfortable enough to let her see him cry. I loved the sleepwalking scenes and the school dance, but Cambrielle’s dancing and Mack making fun of her (generally) are up there too!

Cambrielle probably won’t be able to kiss anyone if she fails after screwing up with the boy she likes. The only man she trusts for help is Mack. He has a lot of kissing experience and would be a perfect teacher for her. But with every kissing session, Cambrielle can feel her old crush on Mack surface.

Mack is best friends with Cambrielle’s siblings and has known them all since they were children. Cambrielle was always just a little surrogate sister. He teased her and joked about how to kiss her to annoy his friends, but he never expected that he would actually want anything more with her. Until one day she’s the all he think about. But he can’t respond to that, especially since she’s interested in someone else. He can only be there for her as she was for him with his sleepwalking.

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When they hear a rumor that Cambrielle and Mack are secretly dating, they both wonder if that would give them a chance to act on their feelings and get away without consequences from Cambrielle’s brothers. But all secrets come out eventually, what happens when yours comes out?

Judy Corry’s talent for writing addictive young adult stories is second to none. This clean read is packed with lovable characters and dramatic storylines, Eden Falls Academy is a must-read series!

I love this brother’s best friend(s) for more history. Shy Cambrielle was in high school when she started falling for Mack. Now that she’s a third-year student, she’s moving on because he’s never shown any interest, and while they can fool around with the best of them, it’s unlikely he’ll ever see her as anything other than a little sister of honor . She has a new crush and the perfect plan to get him to notice her.

Mack is a senior and unprepared to face the harsh realities of life. How delicate it can be and that sometimes you can fight with everything and it’s still not enough to change the outcome. He’s always the one to take care of everyone else and the first to crack a joke, and he’s not willing to let people get involved in his fights, except with Cambrielle. Their friendship deepens as she is there for Mack when he really needs someone to be there with him and for him.

There are sweet-racy moments, lovingly faithful friendship moments, and heartbreaking ones. Get ready for a stunning book friend, a dreamy HEA, and definitely a few tears. Judy’s writing is great and this sweet and emotional story flows from page to page. I’m already considering a repeat, I love it.

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To really enjoy The Facade, start with The Charade because there are stories that go on from there in this book. The upcoming book looks like love will take center stage and the spotlight will be on Cambrielle’s outgoing brother Nash. I can not wait!

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