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People We Meet On Vacation book pdf download for free or read online, also People We Meet On Vacation pdf was written by Emily Henry.

Emily Henry is an American New York Times bestselling author best known for her romance novels Beach Read and People We Meet on Vacation.

In January 2016 she published her first novel The Love That Split the World.

Henry lives and writes in Cincinnati and the North Ohio River region of Kentucky. He studied creative writing at Hope College and the now defunct Center for Art and Media Studies in New York. She is a full-time writer and proofreader. His first young adult novel was published in 2016. After writing several young adult novels, Henry’s first adult romance novel, Beach Read, was released in 2020. Her books have been featured in The New York Times, Buzzfeed, Oprah Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, The Skimm, Shondaland and more.

BookPeople We Meet On Vacation
AuthorEmily Henry
Size2.7 MB
CategoryFiction Romance Novel

People We Meet On Vacation Book PDF download for free

People We Meet On Vacation Book PDF download for free

Two best friends Ten summer trips. One last chance to fall in love.

Poppy and Alex. Alex and poppy. They have nothing in common. She is a wild child; he wears khakis. He has an insatiable passion for travel; he prefers to stay at home with a book. And somehow, they’ve been best friends ever since that fateful carpool ride from college many years ago. They live far away from each other for most of the year (she’s in New York City and he’s in his small hometown), but they’ve shared a wonderful vacation week together every summer for the past decade.

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Until two years ago when they screwed everything up. Since then they have not spoken.

Poppy has everything that anyone want, but she’s stuck in a rut. If anyone asks her when was the last time she was truly happy, she knows without a doubt that it was on that last unhappy journey with Alex. And so she decides to convince her best friend to go on holiday together again: put everything on the table, fix everything. Miraculously, he agrees.

Now you have a week to fix everything. If only he could sidestep the big truth that has always been kept secret amidst their seemingly perfect relationship. What could go wrong?

People We Meet On Vacation Book Pdf Download

“Just like a good book or a great outfit, vacations transform you into the different version of yourself.”

This book was as incredibly sweet as Beach Read, it moved me, filled me with the same warmth these characters had for each other, and reminded me how important it is to find people who feel at home. I felt the trembling emotions that come from being together, even from sharing the same common space, as our travels connect us with people we may not have initially felt we had anything in common with.

“That crush on happiness, the feeling that it’s about being in a beautiful place with someone you love.”

Alex and Poppy, although Alex was initially rather quiet, outspoken and reserved, with a penchant for coming into his own once you get to know him, and Poppy, the wildly spontaneous, bubbling firecracker, have been friends since they met at the University of Chicago and each bring out the other’s inner madness and wonder as their chemistry builds on a passion accompanied by electricity and the enduring, soulful satisfaction of a sunset on the beach.

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My only hesitation in giving this book a full five stars comes from places in the novel where the banter between them was a bit over the top and felt too witty or contrived to be real, causing moments of ambiguity, uncertainty, and… dialogue that didn’t are too pretty, scripted or exciting. However, I found that the seriousness and rich depth of their connection came out better in the latter parts of the book, which completely won me over and more than made up for my frustration at drowning in calculating wit.

I could feel the pain they felt being apart and not communicating as both life events happen that the other cannot be a part of. I could also feel the desire pulsing between them, even when things were more strictly platonic, and how much it hurts to want when you can’t read each other’s minds and know they feel the same way.

I desperately and urgently fought for the truth behind their love to succeed in the end and I could feel them on every vacation they took together as they are well known for vacationing together in exciting and delicious destinations, being there for each other but also messy. I would say one thing while meaning another. They would end up with annoying misunderstandings that felt real and disastrous, like the unrelenting heat that blazed up on their recent vacation. However, I was able to see past the gaps in their communication and see all the love that miraculously existed even when everything else in life felt wrong and irrational.

“I would or I wouldn’t, but in end there would be someone and I didn’t think my heart could take that.”

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By reading this book, I began my own journey as I traveled to a whole new dimension with the reverberation and tingling of tastes, sights, smells, touches, and feelings. Alex and Poppy are best kept in a safe and eternal place in my heart.

If (like me) you’re not sold on the friends-to-lovers trope, this is the book that just might win you over. This is told in dual timelines of “past” summers and “present” summer. I have loved watching Poppy and Alex grow and develop over 12 years. I loved traveling through them vicariously. The memories they made. The barriers they have overcome. Their lack of honesty and communication between them was the only thing I didn’t like. It just took a little patience on my part, but it was worth it as their chemistry is funny and believable, with great jokes and supporting characters.

Alexander Nilsen. Seriously, it’s so damn valuable and if I could bottle it and use it as a perfume I would because service is my love language. Yours too? Then this book will speak with you.

I am a puddle of feelings. It gave me this happy and warm feeling and I couldn’t stop smiling or laughing. I cried too, and while it wasn’t as hard as Beach Read, it wasn’t a complete escape either, if that makes sense. And I don’t always like it because it feels too real. Millennial boredom anyone? And did you see Gus from Beach Read?

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