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Beach Read book pdf download for free or read online, also Beach Read pdf was written by Emily Henry.

Emily Henry is an American New York Times bestselling author best known for her romance novels Beach Read and People We Meet on Vacation.

In January 2016 she published her first novel The Love That Split the World.

Henry lives and writes in Cincinnati and the North Ohio River region of Kentucky. He studied creative writing at Hope College and the now defunct Center for Art and Media Studies in New York. She is a full-time writer and proofreader. His first young adult novel was published in 2016. After writing several young adult novels, Henry’s first adult romance novel, Beach Read, was released in 2020. Her books have been featured in The New York Times, Buzzfeed, Oprah Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, The Skimm, Shondaland and more.

BookBeach Read
AuthorEmily Henry
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CategoryFiction Romance Novel

Beach Read Book PDF download for free

Beach Read Book PDF download for free

Augustus Everett is an acclaimed author of literary fictions. January Andrews writes best-selling romance novels. When she writes happily ever after, he kills her entire cast.

They are polar opposites.

Really, the only thing they have in common is that they live in neighboring beach houses for the next three months, broke and stuck in writer’s block.

Until one hazy night, one thing leads to another, and they strike a deal that will force them out of their creative rut: Augustus will spend the summer writing something happy, and January will write next great American novel. She’ll take him on excursions worthy of any rom-com montage, and he’ll take her to interview the surviving members of a hillbilly death cult (obviously). Everyone will finish book and no one will fall in love. Really.

Beach Read Book Pdf Download

As the blurb goes, this story is about two writers who have deadlines but struggle with writer’s block. January has made a name for herself writing stories that focus on happily ever after, while the same cannot be said for the kinds of stories Gus writes, as his stories generally lean towards the darker side of focusing on the Human nature. Her paths cross when January moves into the beach house next door that belonged to her father after his death.

Both January and Gus were interesting characters, and it’s only when we scratch below the surface that we discover that they both hold on to their fair share of emotional baggage that keeps them from moving forward. Will they be able to open up to each other and help each other heal? I have to admit that I personally preferred January as the character of Gus, there was something about him that prevented me from fully loving him.

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What I liked most about this book was the exploration of genres, the concept of questioning why a book written by a man is usually classified as fiction and can be read by both men and women, while a book written by a Woman is generally classified as a women’s book and is intended to appeal only to women. One night, over drinks, a bet is made that they both try to write something out of their normal style, Gus to write a Happily Ever After story and January to explore something darker.

The entire Beth story was hilarious and I really enjoyed the intellectual tussle between the two as they discussed their books and current writing progress. As for his investigative days, these certainly provided some interesting topics for debate, as well as some hilarious comedic moments and compromising situations. I loved their witty banter and the interactions between them, although I was a little worried that it would get corny at times, but the author cleverly avoided letting it go down that road.

My only minor criticism of this book was the title itself as it didn’t really work for me, yes they both live in beach houses but other than that it didn’t really fit the overall concept/theme of the story.

Overall, I found Beach Read to be a moving read that touched on some emotional and sensitive topics, such as broken relationships, grief, and infidelity.

January Andrews once believed in romance so much that she wrote books about it. That was before her boyfriend left her, her father suddenly died, and everything she thought she knew about her happiness turned out to be an illusion.

Now, with nothing but an old lake house and a fast-approaching deadline for her next book release, she packs up her entire life and heads to the Michigan wilderness. She mistakenly thought that she was buying time to accept who her father really was. The last thing she needs is to find out that she now lives next door to her annoying and handsome college nemesis.

January remembered Augustus Everett as Gus or Sexy, Evil Gus, depending on his mood. Even then, her writing was praised by staff and students alike. Her artistic shock fueled both her imagination and her passion. Until the night she almost (but not quite) succumbed to her charms. Saved from diving headfirst into a sea of ​​humiliation by her best friend, she could never forget the chemistry she crackled between them.

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When their old rivalry sparks a gamble that pushes them both out of their comfort zones, the outcome will either save their writing careers or break their hearts. And the odds are not in her favor.

Beach Read is not the easy summer romance it seems at first glance. It is a deepening story. With characters that make the page shine, Emily Henry frames them with a rare combination of sharp wit and vulnerability. They made me laugh out loud, fought back tears, and displayed a power that was indescribably inspiring.

Featuring everything from bags of wine to farting Labradors, and one of the best arguments against the term “women’s fiction” I’ve come across: Beach Read is that special kind of perfection the world could use so much more of.

What do a disappointing romance novel and a literaris have? What novelist do they have in common? It’s not much at first glance, but as the story progresses it becomes clear why they are made for each other.

January Andrews licks her wounds. At twenty-eight, she had everything she wanted. She believed in romance. She believed in love. Her parents’ marriage was a role model for her. She had a wonderful boyfriend for a long time and she also achieved everything she wanted professionally. As a novelist, she had successfully published several novels.

She then she met the worst in twenty-nine. She loses everything that was important to her, including her writing. She has a deadline but can’t write a single word. With nowhere else for her to go, she decides to go to the lake house to start over.

The first night she is there, her new neighbor throws a party with loud music and Jan wants to be able to sleep. When the music stops, she makes the decision to confront her neighbor. She impresses despite meeting in the dark, but they meet again the next morning. This time in broad daylight and January realizes that she knows who he is. She knows him from college! They had a rivalry, but also a memory of a time when there could have been more.

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“Because you are the shining light.”

August “Gus” Everett did not have a happy childhood or adolescence. The only thing that gave her any sort of satisfaction was his writing. His books are very well known and successful. However, he is reserved and aloof. While January was a happy person writing about happy endings, it was about the dark truth about the ugly world that exists. However, this new January who lives next door to her is not the same woman he remembers. When January offers him a gender change, he accepts the challenge. The rest is history.

I loved this so much. The jokes with clever dialogue and the slowly building romance was very creative. Their chemistry with him was through the roof and their attraction to each other was steamy!

“When I see you sleep”…
I’m overwhelmed that you exist.”

Kudos to Emily Henry for writing Beach Read. Definitely a much deeper story than what title offers.

Beach Read has a lot of the elements you’d expect from a light summer read, but it has an air of darkness about it that actually makes it a lot more compelling than you might expect.
Our main character, January, has always felt like someone who believes in love and its power to change us.

She writes romance novels and has always looked for a happy ending for her. But when we see her, things don’t go according to plan. Struggling with the writing, she feels sorry for her father and still tries to come to terms with the discovery that her father had a secret second life.
Arriving at her second hideout, January is nervous about what she will find there. Nothing could prepare her to find out that her new neighbor is an old friend from college named Gus.
Like Jan, Gus is a writer. But we quickly see that, as in January, things in her life are not going according to plan.

What follows is pretty obvious: they slowly form a new bond, breaking down the barriers they each had, and finally starting a relationship they’ve both been secretly dreaming of ever since they met.
The interaction between the two was so much fun. Seeing two such different perspectives and the small bet that each would write a book in the style of the other gave it an interesting twist. Not everything works out, but it always seems that we are going to end up where we hope to be.

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