Download Pretty Ugly Promises [PDF] By C.W. Farnsworth

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Pretty Ugly Promises book pdf download for free or read online, also Pretty Ugly Promises pdf was written by C.W. Farnsworth.

BookPretty Ugly Promises
AuthorC.W. Farnsworth
Size1.6 MB

Pretty Ugly Promises Book PDF download for free

Pretty Ugly Promises Book PDF download for free

Pretty Ugly Promises is the third book by C.W. Farnsworth I’m reading this year (I was on a bit of a binge when I signed up to read this one) and it might be the first mob romance I can remember reading cover to cover . It took me a while to figure it out and I’m not exactly sure why. The book begins at a college party, where Lyla and Nick first meet before jumping to the present (nine years later).

While the story still works that way, I think her absence in the present tense would have been more impactful if the book had been split more evenly midway between past and present, or even if we’d seen their relationship evolve as he responded to it witnessed his departure in “real time” in the past when he found out that he and his friend Alex had just disappeared overnight.

Pretty Ugly Promises Pdf Download

While this is partly at the expense of Lyla’s less-than-ideal (and traumatic) upbringing, she’s a great mom. You can see how he shines through with every decision he makes, and having grown used to raising Leo on her own, it’s understandable that accepting Nick’s help, be it financial or emotional, isn’t easy for her. The two have many unresolved feelings that are complicated by external circumstances, both past and present, and it is interesting to watch how they deal with them.

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This definitely has the “touch her and you die” trope, but I wouldn’t necessarily say it also has the “hate everyone but her” trope. Nick doesn’t seem particularly friendly to any of his men or associates, and I figured Lyla would at least befriend some of the associates in some way, but that never happened.

After Nick dealt with an issue that posed a danger to Lyla and Leo, we learned of other issues that could be the result of previous plans by the person he was pursuing, but once things work out between Nick and Lyla. , we don’t hear anything else about any real danger posed by certain attacks, which I thought would show up later but never did.

Other than that, I really liked Nick and Lyla together. Despite Nick’s upbringing and, you know, being the leader of the Russian mafia, when it came to Lyla and Leo, he was extremely emotionally intelligent and never brought any of those negative feelings home with him. Leo also has to deal with a lot of trauma, which he’s handling surprisingly well without therapy, but it’s kind of sad to see that he’s starting to favor Nick over Lyla.

I’m not saying Nick isn’t standing up and being a great dad, but it seemed to weigh heavily on Lyla. Also, it’s usually Lyla who initiates all the intimacy, which makes sense given that she’s constantly wondering if Nick has a crush on her or not. There’s no way he’d reject her, but I understand where that insecurity comes from.

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