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Psycho Beasts book pdf download for free or read online, also Psycho Beasts pdf was written by Jasmine Mas.

BookPsycho Beasts
AuthorJasmine Mas
Size1.6 MB

Psycho Beasts Book PDF download for free

Psycho Beasts Book PDF download for free

Welcome to Serpentine City. The mob rules and we are about to be indoctrinated.

Cobra is the heir to the throne and has been given an ultimatum.
Form a pack… or else.
Now we are fighting for our lives and against each other.

Will Jax, Xerxes, Ascher and Cobra crack under the pressure?
Will Sadie really be strong enough to handle what they want?
Will his tension from her turn into hatred? Or build on love?

Between training and fighting for our lives, she will sink like never before.

We may have survived the fairy kingdom, but the real test has just begun.

Psycho Beasts is the third book.

Psycho Beasts Book Pdf Download

I’m not kidding, this series is one of the best written, funniest and hottest PNR romance novels I’ve ever read! I love Sadie, she is the best FMC and one of my favorite characters on all of the shows. Her wit, strength, and resilience make her a person to cheer on over and over again.

Sadie’s friends, lovers and family are also well developed characters with entertaining side stories. Her pack of men are some of the sexiest shapeshifters I’ve ever read. Cobra is my favourite, he’s so crazy and goal oriented, but I adore him.

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I also loved that all three of Jax’s sisters and Sadie’s sister were included in the last part. Adding so many more people could have been really confusing and annoying, but instead they all made the plot better. Especially Jinx!

The first two books were five stars all day, this last one was 4 stars for me. This last book is a bit long, it needed to be fixed in some places (especially the chapters where it’s exactly the same scene, only from a different point of view, which I finally skimmed). I thought the plot jumped a bit more than I could follow, but since I loved the characters, I did my best to understand them. This is purely personal preference, but I wasn’t a fan of how Sadie’s “first” went. But we got the heat and spice in this part and I was happy about it!

Overall, this series remains by far one of the best written and most imaginative I’ve ever read.

This series is definitely in my top 5 HR reads. It’s very well written and blends many popular tropes (fantasy, shifter, fae, abo, lovers enemies, dark RH) into a truly unique auteur story. The third part picks up right where the second ended, with the group’s arrival in the Beast Kingdom. Without revealing spoilers, new characters and tests are introduced that take our MCs on an immersive journey that got me hooked and with all the feelings. The questions are answered, the twists and turns, and the unforeseen revelations make for a very satisfying read.

The character development and world building throughout this series has been amazing. Each character has so much depth and the multiple viewpoints provide more insight into their background and development/relationships as the story progresses.

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Sadie is as witty as ever and her internal monologues never failed to make me laugh. It was amazing to witness her strength, humor, courage, loyalty, awkwardness, and growth in these three books and she easily became one of my favorite FMCs.

Her friendship with Aran remains a high point and this book has numerous moments between them that are equally moving and hilarious. The mutual support these female leads have, even with the introduction of Jax’s sisters and Sadie’s sister, is enviable and empowering. I loved reading the jokes and interactions between them in their scenes. Jinx has become one of my favorite characters and I have my fingers crossed for a spin-off series with the girls.

The dynamic between the main harem in this book reached scorching levels? with the scenes staying true to the characters in my opinion. They’ve overcome so much fear and trauma and outside forces trying to keep them apart, they finally come through and admit that they want to be together in a really moving scene. The MMCs are still “unwell” (Cobra) and psychotic and possessive, but they have grown throughout the series and there has never been any doubt about their devotion to Sadie and each other when the going gets tough.

Overall, I devoured this book and although Sadie’s story isn’t over, I was ultimately happy with the location of the main harem and was looking forward to the sequel to Aran and the sequel to the story. Jasmine Mas has become one of my favorite authors and I enjoy reading every story she writes.

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