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Quarter To Midnight book pdf download for free or read online, also Quarter To Midnight pdf was written by Karen Rose.

Karen Rose Internationally bestselling RITA award-winning author was born and raised in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC. She met with her husband Martin’s on a blind date when they were seventeen, and after they both graduated from the University of Maryland (Karen with a degree in the chemical engineering), they moved to the Cincinnati, Ohio.

BookQuarter To Midnight
AuthorKaren Rose
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Quarter To Midnight Book PDF download for free

Quarter To Midnight Book PDF download for free

After completing her Marine assignments in Iraq, Molly Sutton knew she could take down any villain she met.

But when family tragedy exposes the dark side of her local police force, she teams up with her former police officer, Burke Broussard, who left the New Orleans police to set up a private investigative service for people who don’t know. they could find justice elsewhere.

Gabe Hebert saw the price his father was paying for working for the NOPD and instead decided to make a name for himself as one of the best young chefs in the French Quarter. But when his father’s death is ruled a suicide after a deliberately botched investigation into his former captain, Gabe knows his father has uncovered a truth someone wants silenced.

Gabe enlists the help of Burke, his father’s best friend. Burke puts Molly, the toughest member of his team, on the case. Molly can’t believe she’s being asked to work with the sexy chef, whose chocolate cake isn’t the only thing that makes her mouth water. Sparks fly as they follow in the footsteps left behind by Gabe’s father and unravel a web of crime, corruption and murder that stretches to the top.

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Quarter To Midnight Book Pdf Download

Quarter to Midnight by Karen Rose is the first book in her New Orleans series, which is also the twenty-sixth book in her Romance Suspense series. I am a huge fan of Karen Rose as her thrillers are fantastic and second to none. In this last arc, Rose gives us another fabulous book, once again over 600 pages. Rose always creates fantastic heroes and wonderful supporting characters, as well as evil villains; And that doesn’t change in this book either, as she writes another masterpiece. Quarter to Midnight is a tense, exciting and action-packed story that kept me hooked from start to finish.

Quarter to Midnight starts with a bang when a retired detective dies and his son, Gabe Hebert, our hero, can’t accept the police claiming he killed himself. Gabe suspects that some cops are trying to cover things up and presses for a private autopsy to confirm his suspicions. Gabe seeks help from his father’s best friend, Burke Broussard, a former police officer who now runs a private investigation firm.

Burke will assign Molly Sutton, our hero, to work with Gabe, which doesn’t sit well with him at first since she’s a woman. But he will find out that Molly is a former marine and is considered the toughest member of his team; and early on, Gabe learns just how smart and cunning Molly is. Before long, sparks will fly between Gabe and Molly, with a slow romance.

However, the case is central to this story as the two become entangled in a dangerous web of police corruption and evil villains who will stop at nothing to kill and murder. Molly, Gabe, and Burke set out to investigate and protect a wonderful cast of supporting characters, which was a great addition to the story.

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What follows is a captivating, tense, exciting and suspenseful story that has left me holding my breath so many times. This was very tense from the beginning, especially since the evil villains are constantly killing many innocent people. As we raced towards the wild climax, I prayed for the survival of all the good people and the death of the main villain. I don’t want to give any spoilers because you really have to read this book cover to cover.

Quarter to Midnight is an intense thriller with non-stop action. Like I said before, Karen Rose never fails to deliver a well-written, fantastic thriller that is intense, always on the edge, with fantastic characters, evil villains, and a wonderful couple to worry about. If you love suspense, with a hint of romance and suspense, look no further than Karen Rose.

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